Cindy Breakspeare Joins Call For Bob Marley’s Jamaica National Hero Status

Cindy Breakspeare Bob Marley
Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley

Cindy Breakspeare joints call for Bob Marley to be named Jamaica’s next National Hero.

New calls for Bob Marley to be made a National Hero have been made by former beauty queens Cindy Breakspeare and Lisa Hanna.

Breakspeare shared on social media the call for the reggae legend to be named a national hero. “BOB MARLEY FOR NATIONAL HERO…. YES, YES… A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!,” she captioned a post of a screenshot on Twitter from the Bob Marley Museum.

That screenshot shared a photo and a reminder of the date that Bob Marley won the UN Peace Medal of the Third World in 1978. The photo showed a young and smiling Bob Marley at the Waldorf Astoria as the museum celebrated what would have been his 73rd birthday.

Breakspeare’s call comes on the heel of that of her friend and colleague Lisa Hanna, Member of Parliament for St Ann South East, who last week tabled a motion for Bob Marley to be named a national hero.

During her presentation, Hanna noted that with Jamaica approaching the milestone of 60 years of independence, Marley’s time to be honored had come.

She said the late singer was “a global icon of peace, freedom and love.”

“Marley’s messages have stirred movements for revolutionary social change, which have helped and continue to shape black consciousness and courage to fight against systems of injustice towards the marginalized and dispossessed in Jamaica and globally.”

She continued that the artist was recognized for using his music to bring about change for people of African ancestry.

“And whereas Bob Marley’s lyrical activism for the poor and disenfranchised created a momentum that forced forward progressive, social legislation for ordinary working-class Jamaicans and Africans in the 1970s.

She added that the singer who died in 1981 from cancer had a huge impact on the world with his song “One Love” being translated into almost every language in the world and is conferred with the title ‘song of the millennium’ while his 1977 album ‘Exodus’ was named the best album of the 20th century.