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T.I. Reacts To Getting Booed Off Stage At Comedy Show In New York


T.I. speak on getting booed at a comedy gig in New York on Saturday night.

Comedy crowds can be tough, and Brooklyn fans are known to be among the hardest of fans to impress. Rapper T.I. found that out on Saturday while he attempted a set at the April Fools Comedy Jam held at Barclays Center, Brooklyn.

The event featured comedians Rip Micheals, Nick Cannon, HaHa Davis, Eddie Griffin, B. Simone, Tony Roberts, Bruce Bruce, Michael Blackson, Joe Torry, and Jacob Williams, while there were live performances by Lil’ Kim, T.I., Moneybagg Yo, and music by DJ Envy.

Clips from the show have gone viral with T.I. on stage while the crowds booed him. It’s the second time in a week that the Atlanta rapper is getting dragged online. Earlier this week, he was seen arguing with another comedian at a show in Atlanta, where he threatened to snatch her wig off after the comedian made a joke about his sexual assault allegations.

Many felt that T.I.’s behavior at the show was inappropriate where he is seen grabbing a mic and ranting about his innocence and then interrupting the woman’s set.

Brooklyn fans were, however, not impressed by the rapper’s jokes, as some shared their experience on Twitter.

“I was there last night. I like T.I., but it was bad. Jokes took too long to come out. Delivery just wasn’t right. If you see the rest of it you’ll know it was that bad. That actually might’ve been one of the better parts!! Props for trying something differnt. But not his lane!!,” a Twitter user said.

“Hahaha. He sucks at comedy. No setting, No timing, no punchline. He is a rookie in the game. Comedy is not an easy thing to just pick up. #TI needs to respect the art form,” another person said.

One user added, “As a former comedian TI gotta realize you do open mics to grind and hone your craft 1st. Get with other comedians that can help you along the way even with writing jokes, but never ever do a big show 1st. I rather be booed than have a quiet crowd tho.”

Meanwhile, in a video with comedian Michael Blackson, T.I. attempted to gloss over the entire incident as he said the crowd was sold out, and he received a standing ovation while some people booed him.

“Man listen, listen bruh, I had the best time, I had the best time of my comedic career, I enjoyed myself bro, I love that sh*t…what I will say is that a mf went into some sh*t thinking it went a certain way, had to make adjustments and then turned sh** around and got the f out of there… I’m here for that, my only question to you is, if you get booed and have a standing ovation, do they cancel each other out? It was a sold-out crowd…bad news sells faster than the good news, but I enjoyed myself, I want some more,” he said on an Instagram Live video.

According to reports, the event on Saturday was T.I.’s first paid comedy gig.