Konshens Claps Back At Fan Questioning His Parenting Skills After Playing Explicit Song Around Son

Konshens and his son

Don’t tell Konshens how to be a parent to his children.

On Friday, the dancehall artist lashed out at critics who voiced objections to him playing an explicit version of a dancehall song with his son in his car.

The previous day, Konshens shared the video to his Instagram account where he is vibing along with his son, who is 6 or 7 years old. The song uses explicit words where Konshens is heard saying, “fat pu**y gal affi yuh time again…kin out yuh hole make me see weh yah do….”

Many persons in the comment section, however, chided the deejay for exposing the child early, with many referring to the sexualization of the culture and how it impacts children negatively.

Among those who had harsh words for Konshens were the likes of L.A Lewis and others.

“Parents like u a mash up the society, hear the song u a play around the likkle boy. Wukless and waste man move this yah,” Lewis said.

Another person added a comment which drew a lengthy response from Konshens as he dragged the church and parents who were siding with pastors accused of raping children in the past.

“yh but not roun di kid mi dj caz ur mom never grow u suh wen u grow as ute u grow decent wid principle n manners we cud neva dare listen certain tings r do certain tings how tings av changed sigh,” the fan commented which prompted Konshens to respond.

“Wid all due respect my G, yuh cyaa tell me wat is appropriate or inappropriate for MY son! U can mek society dictate what is morally wrong or right in your house but a me an him mom dictate what works in his life. i know my son, mi nuh mean how society say parents fi know pickney mi mean actually KNOW HIM,” he began.

Konshens continued with sarcasm as he questioned people who raised children without any exposure.

“An me can tell u dis, anno one a dem push fork inna light socket fool fool pickney mi have. What i would like to see or hear is what dem holy ppl yah weh a comment tell dem pickney seh when di pastor weh dem a live fah get lock up fi child molesting an rape etc? What do u do when u create a fake world roun dem an reality run come 1000 miles an hour, my kids will be ready fi di real world. My son is a straight A, top a class, pardon me,please and thank you, reason out the problem, dont do anything unless he WANTS to do it nuh matter who else a do it kinda bwoy, an him mumma an puppa head tuff like rock suh yuh know how him tan. None a unnu comment nuh relevant. So betta u say YOU wont play raw version for your kids. Fullstop,” he added.

Konshens captioned the screenshot of his comment on Instagram concerning raising his daughter differently.

“And just like i said when unnu got upset about me teaching my daughter to shoot ill say the same now. UNNU CYAA TELL ME HOW FI RAISE MY KIDS. Ya’ll can raise the sheep and the prey, im working on the LIONS. blessed day,” he said.

Konshens has since deleted the posts.