Lila Ike Goes Naked In “True Love” Visual For Her First Song This Year

Lila Ike
Lila Ike

Lila Iké bares her all in new song “True Love” her first single this year.

Months after revealing her struggles with mental health and taking a step back from reggae, Lila Iké has dropped a new single, “True Love.” Earlier this year, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In February, the “Where I’m Coming From” singer candidly revealed her struggles during an interview with Yendi Phillipps on the Odyssey.

The 27-year-old is quoted as saying at the time, “It’s something that I have been experiencing for a while and didn’t even recognize what was happening to me. Like after an extreme high or coming off of a stage or learning about a big accomplishment, I almost always go into feeling depressed.”

The uniquely talented songstress revealed through a press release that her latest track not only acknowledges her present struggles but the fact that true love has been fundamental in helping her to heal as well.

She further explained that at the time, she was in a very emotional space and feeling a bit low in energy due to everything happening with the pandemic. In that headspace, she came up with a freestyle that she hoped would help others dealing with the same type of emotional stress caused by the various lockdowns.

“The most beautiful thing about this song is that a year later, I’m realising this song was a personal love letter to my future self on healing and dealing with everything I’m experiencing at the moment,” she added.

Lila Ike’s flawless vocals in the track help to enhance an extremely well-done video which was produced by Natural High Music and directed by Ayana Riviére. The video is already getting steady support from her fans since its release yesterday, March 31.

Lila Iké can be seen curled up naked at the beginning of the video, probably representing her vulnerability. The track offers an inspirational tone throughout, as is reflected in the lyrics. At one point, she sings, “But you see True love. True love conquers all sin. We are going to be alright. As long as we’re still breathing. True love. True love above all things. Yes we’re gonna be ok As long we’ve got life.”

Many fans have already left their words of encouragement in the comments under the video.

“Bravery in a Jamaican woman’s true form, with sounds and visuals so high quality, that match so perfectly with this important message! This is some real high art and history right here!” one fan said. Another fan added, “What a beautiful song, what a beautiful video & what beautiful healing energy, from such a beautiful soul… Lila, I really hope you know how much you and your music means to us. Thank you… This one hit me HARD.”

The track seems to be aimed at not just her fans but all of the people who struggled mentally with the stresses of the pandemic on top of their own personal battles.

As a result, Lila Iké only real intention is that the song reaches everyone who needs that type of energy and that it gives them as much light as she felt when creating it.

Fans can look out for her debut album later this year under In.Digg.Nation/RCA. She’s also expected to head out on tour for the first time since the pandemic to promote her 2020 EP, The ExPerience.

Check out “True Love” below.