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Rick Ross Reveals His Next Big Project Is Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross says he is serious about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

The rapper has been open about many goals he has set for himself. From owing dozens of cars and only learning to drive at 45 years old, the Rozay rapper is not one to cop out.

Rick Ross recently disclosed on the Full Send Podcast that he has set some ambitious goals for himself this year, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

“I really believe when I put my heart to something, I can do anything,” he began. “As a matter of fact, I was smoking, I was on my back patio last night, I’m sitting underneath the trees, I’m listening to the waterfall, I’m looking at the plants, the landscaping, the patio furniture, you know? And I gave myself a challenge and I’m actually issuing you guys a challenge here,” he says.

“This is the first time I’ve said this, but in 2024, I’ma hike to the top of Kilimanjaro. Just making it to the top, and you going with me.”

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano in Tanzania famous for its three volcanic cones, namely Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. The mountain forms the highest peek on the African continent making it no easy fete to climb.

Mount Kilimanjaro is known as one of the most difficult mountains to climb but not because of how steep the trails are but because the hardest part is getting to the summit, which at night is extremely difficult as this is the coldest, windiest section of the adventure with an ascent of 4,084ft with 49% less oxygen and descent of nearly 6,870ft. Still, about 30,000 people attempt to climb the mountain annually, and there are about 10 fatalities per year.

However, Rick Ross isn’t deterred as he says he’s determined to complete the climb.

“I’m the boss, I don’t look into nothing,” he said. “I make my mind up, it’s not really that big. I just gotta get it done. And what you gotta realize, if you notice I said 2024. So for the rest of this year, I’m getting prepared mentally, next year I get prepared physically.”

When asked about the length of days to complete the journey, he says, “Who knows? I’m guessing five/10 days, some sh*t like that. Give me 12 days, no rush. That’s what we doing. I’m not sure [about the elevation], I would wanna guess maybe 5000 [metres] or some type of sh*t.”

And he’s already preparing in terms of food and company as he says he’s not going on his own because someone needs to carry his Wingstop fries and chips.