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Nicki Minaj Check Fan For Criticizing Her Partying With Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign Nicki Minaj
Fivio Foreign, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj reminded a fan she is still very much hood.

On Monday, the Trinidadian rapper was at Fivio Foreign‘s Birthday Party In New York City as she celebrated with the rapper whom she collaborated with on her latest song, “We Go Up”. Nicki Minaj is always showing love to her collaborators, and Fivio was no different as she was seen vibing and having fun in a video with the rapper and other guests.

Fivio Foreign and his friends can be heard calling Nicki ‘Queen’ and yelling, “This is New York City.”

“We ain’t say happy birthday to the King of New York,” Nicki Minaj said. “I don’t go nowhere. I just came all the way out here to tell my n***a happy f*cking birthday. For the real ones only. We was going to definitely get up in here to let him know,” she added.

One fan on Twitter shared that the post disappointed her, and Nicki Minaj responded in true Nicki Minaj style.

“I wish she’ll move on from this lifestyle this isn’t you anymore nicki!” the fan said, sharing a retweet from Rap Alert.

“Tell me you don’t know anything about Nicki Minaj w/o telling me. Ppl rlly create their own perception of you then tell you not to be you. Out of all the 3 wishes a b****h get a b***** using 1 wish to tell me not to be who I’ve ALWAYS fking been,” she said in response.

Nicki went on to say that she won’t be changing her authentic self for anyone.

“My whole AUTHENTIC come up is fully documented for the world to see. YouTube is free I think still. Y’all want me 2b some rich RNB singer/pop star so bad. (well not the smart ppl) they know my story. 1 thing u can never change is ur story. I can&will only be me. Take it or,” she said.

“Ppl rlly make up an imaginary “you” in their head. Sh*t wild,” she replied to a fan who said, “I’ve been around Nicki and I could tell u she’s more hood than the girls actually in the hood.”

Other fans also shared old videos of the rapper where Nicki can be seen surrounded by rap fans, including men.

In the meantime, “We Go Up”, which was released on March 25. The song reached #1 on the US iTunes chart almost immediately.