Shenseea Says Album Features Cost Her Nothing, Unbothered By Lawsuit


Shenseea says she didn’t have to pay artistes for any of the features on her album and is unbothered by a new lawsuit against her for the song, “Lick.”

Shenseea’s debut album Alpha featured several collaborations with superstar Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, Offset, and Tyga, along with superstars Beenie Man and Sean Paul. While there is a culture for new artists to pay for their collaborations, Shenseea says no artist on her album was paid for a feature.

“I did not pay for any of my features on ALPHA. Big up to the artistes on my album,” she shared on Sunday.

The young artist has been seen enjoying her post-album release as she was seen destressing in a bathing suit by the beach and enjoying a coconut.

Shenseea previously told NME that all of the artists on her album had agreed to be featured after she reached out and asked for them to jump on her track.

The talk about paying for a feature is not unheard of as even the likes of Nicki Minaj and Drake have been known to charge as much as 7 figures to appear on a song. The reasoning behind it is that sometimes collaborating with established artists like Drake or Nicki is bound to transform the career of a lesser-known upcoming artist.

One example of this is Lil Durk, who recently spoke about how a feature with Drake transformed his career and not only widened his fan base as well as gave him his first No. 1 single but also helped him to almost triple his booking rate from $40K to $100K.

In any case, if Shenseea had to pay for a feature, it would have added up to a sizable amount as the American artists on her album charge no less than 50,000 a feature, according to industry figures.

Meanwhile, the album has been performing well as fans of the singer continue to react to the project.

On Sunday, her chart page said all tracks from the album had surpassed at least 100K streams on Spotify. Her song ‘Lick featuring Megan Thee Stallion and now the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit is the most popular song from the album.

Shenseea is also unbothered by a $10 million lawsuit filed in New York by Pupa Nas-T, also known as Anastas Theodore Hackett, who claimed that she used the song “Lick” without proper authorization.