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Kevin Gates Called Out For “Touching” Summer Walker, Her BF Lvrd Reacts

Summer Walker Kevin Gates
Summer Walker, Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is getting called out on Twitter with some fans labeling him ‘creep’ for touching Summer Walker weirdly and now her boyfriend Lvrd Pharoh is reacting.

Apparently, rapper Kevin Gates never learned that what is good for the gander is also good for the goose as he was trying to be all ‘touchy feeling’ with singer Summer Walker recently but forgot that he definitely did not want to be touched a few years ago in a manner that seemed harmless compared to his now octopus-like behavior.

In 2016, Radio and TV personality Traci Steele tried to do a quick interview with the “I’m Him” artiste but Gates’ whole body language and attitude was awkward as he seemed super offended that the pint-size DJ had touched him. The incident occurred at ATL’s Birthday Bash and soon went viral, even sparking memes about the situation. The DJ who was backstage interviewing celebrities who made an appearance had caught up with Gates and what happened went all the way left.

Afterward, Steele took to the airwaves to tell things from her perspective. “The interview went down the way it did and it had absolutely nothing to do with me. I always try to give the best interview that I can, make it fun, and keep a smile on my face even though it didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. I really was just trying to get him to open up a little bit more but it wasn’t working so I just tried to wrap it up and keep it moving. I want people to know that I always try to be as professional as I can and always do a good job,” she said.

In the video, viewers could see him awkwardly move and brush off his arm after the brief exchange with Steel, who was actually just greeting him. There was nothing sexual about it, but he clearly did not like it, and the shade was real.

Looking back at the 2016 incident and comparing it to his recent behavior have many speculating that maybe he just did not like Traci because he seemed to have no problems with touching when it came to Summer Walker. She was sitting in the club when he tried to cozy up to her and get all up in her personal space.

In a Twitter post made on Tuesday, the video showed Summer Walker, who wore a form-fitting yellow dress that showed off her assets, minding her business on her phone. Kevin Gates’ whole demeanor was that of a man parched and looked to quench his thirst as he sat beside Walker and started talking in her ear.

The rapper then grabbed her hand and seemed reluctant to let it go. He shimmied closer and threw his arm around her shoulder, which she kindly removed. He kept trying to hold her arm, and she tried her best to make it seem as if her hands were occupied as she held her phone and fixed her hair. Though it may be a stretch for the ‘Me Too’ members to get on his case about grabbing on a woman, he wanted more of Summer’s time than she was interested in giving.

Since the release of the video, Kevin Gates has been trending but not in a good way as he has been receiving backlash on social media as Walker’s body language has been interpreted as being uncomfortable with the unwanted attention she got from Gates. The hypocrisy of his actions now based on the 2016 incident also rubbed some the wrong way, although one of Gates’ friends had come to his defense at the time and said that Gates had explained to him that he was married and uncomfortable with the exchange though others feel that he and Steele possibly had beef prior to that incident.

Summer Walker’s boyfriend Lvrd Pharoh shared these photos on Instagram with the message, “She good bro.”