Popcaan Don’t Like Popcorn And Never Been To A Movie Theater


Popcaan says he has never been to the cinema and don’t even like popcorn.

When it comes to dancehall artiste Popcaan, music fans just do not know what personality they will get or what will come out of his mouth during an interview. Indeed, the Unruly boss’ unpredictability is the stuff that makes for sound bites that can either make a sit-down session great or leave the interviewer wishing they had never asked certain questions.

Recently the “Party Shot” artiste sat down with Dotty from Apple Music 1, who was trying to pick his brain to get some in-depth answers that would make for a great interview. Well, leave it to Poppy to head down the rabbit hole. She told him that she would love for it to be an opportunity to get to know a little more about him, to which he gave no reaction. Continuing, she asked about the song that defined his career. “What is the song that you would say changed everything for you?” To this, he replied the 2010 hit “Clarks” done alongside Vybz Kartel.

Though he was present at the interview, it seemed that at times he was in the mood to be moody as some of his answers were like the Sahara Desert – rather dry. When quizzed about his collection of Clarks, Poppy said that he lost count of the number he had but that it was extensive, and no, he did not have a favorite pair. So when he was not opening up about a possible shoe fetish, she tried another angle and took it back to the music and asked about his favorite rapper of all time.


“I don’t have a favorite. I just appreciate good music,” he quipped. When she pressed about whose music did he listen to the most, Poppy just was not having it. “I don’t listen to no rapper the most. I listen to random, random things. Sometimes I listen to songs I don’t even know who sing it,” he reiterated.

So she brought it a little closer to home and asked about his favorite Kartel song, and Popcaan shared that “Kingston Story” by the Worl’boss was his favorite album but that he does not do favorites. However, like a dog with a bone, she insisted that if he favored that album, then he does have favorites, but he categorically said he did not. She wisely dropped that debate and enquired where he got his name, and he shared that a deceased friend of his named ‘Scrumpy’ from Portmore gave him the name, but he preferred to keep the reason to himself and will never share it during interviews. This intrigued Dotty, who asked if he liked to eat popcorn, and he answered in the negative.

Dotty asked if he didn’t eat the junk food when he went to the cinema, and Popcaan surprisingly stated that he has never been to the movies in his life. That answer stumped her completely as she seemingly had never met someone who has never set foot inside a cinema. Popcaan then explained that as a ‘country man,’ it just was not that big a deal. She then offered to take him to one, and he chuckled and agreed, saying, “Why not, let’s go.” When asked if he had ever seen the movie ‘Titanic’, he started singing the iconic Celine Dion theme song with a little assistance in parts from her.

Every Jamaican he said knows Celine Dion but Dotty wanted him to take it a bit further and embrace it as she claimed that she knew he must have a deep “love of Celine,” and she felt that he was holding back.

To this, Popcaan said that he wasn’t and reminded her that he did not do favorites. When asked about his cooking skills, he agreed that he is a good cook, but no, he did not have a favorite dish. “Anything wey me cook ago impress you ’cause me nuh normal inna the kitchen.”

The interview ended with her agreeing that she would take him to the cinema and he would, in turn, cook for her.