Skillibeng Warns Terro Don To Stop Sabotage His Career: “Mi nuh waa kill yuh bredda”


Skillibeng is clapping back at YouTuber and music producer Terro Don who has insinuated that he paid for views for his recently released song “Whap Whap.”

The song received more than two million views in a little over a week, with many sharing that they were happy for the song, which is Skillibeng’s first single released under his RCA label deal.

Terro Don shared his comments on the views the track received as he was skeptical about its success.

“D man song nearly reach a million views ah no time with the amount of credit card inno,” Terro Don said in a clip Skillibeng posted on Instagram.

Skillibeng did not take too kindly to the remark as he denied buying views and insinuated that Terro Don was working with another unnamed person to attack his career.

“@terrodonmusiq yuh know seh from you and suchman start link all yuh do a try mash up mi career…Memba seh yaa artiste and cya find a hit all now enuh and look how yuh platform big,” Skillibeng shaded the YouTuber and wanna-be artist who has about 60K followers.

“Weh yuh nuh guh suck yuh mada and stop ramp wid mi yute? Mi song a do good an a man a seh mi a buy views..Memba mi song all buss b4 it release enuh p*ssy…,” Skillibeng added.

Terro Don
Terro Don

He continued, “Neva buy views from mi know miself and nobody cya buy none gimmi either.. Mi talent unbelievable to unu dont??? it too easy fih skillibeng don’t? everytime unu try dash mi weh mi still run e place suh just avoid greatness Weh di man dem weh yuh dida hype up seh dem a wikidis deh?.”

He further addressed his critics.

“Dem one bagga lyrics deh naa do nutn fih dem? my turn again…Whap whap!!!! mi a real bad man das why mi Neva link wid yuh from dem time deh cause mi nuh waa kill yuh bredda…Lowe mi I am number one and will always be number one big up @vybzkartel for being a teacher to mi…Study and yuh music wih pass yuh studio door,” he added.

Terro Don recently came under fire from his former friend and associate Silk Boss, who claimed that he was a “crook and a thief” and that he had taken over the singer’s social media accounts, including YouTube, from which he earned income but never gave the artist. He also accused Terro Don of leaking sex tape of him and his girlfriend on the internet.