Silk Boss & Brii Blames Leaked Sex Tape On Former Friend/Manager Terror Don

Dancehall deejay Silk Boss is alleging that his former friend, Terro Don, has released several sex tapes featuring his girlfriend, YouTuber Brii, and has also locked him out of his Instagram and YouTube account in a bid to destroy him.

The artiste, whose real name is Rohan Reid, sat down The Fix, where he detailed several devastating blows landed on his career by Terro Don, whom he called “a thief and a crook.”

According to the deejay, a show he recently performed at in London did not go on as planned as the promoter allegedly robbed him, claiming that the show was a “flop.”

Reid explained he traveled to London with the understanding that he would receive 50% of the performance fee before boarding the aircraft, but that did not happen, and he and his girlfriend arrived in London without any money.

There was also no accommodation in place for them, and they had to fend for themselves, he claimed.

Silk Boss claimed that he and Brii were left in London by Terro, and he had to use whatever money he had with help from a promoter named Stinga, his uncle, and his girlfriend. He was as able to book a hotel and buy tickets to go back to Jamaica.

On returning to Jamaica, he said a nightmare was taking place as he became aware that Terro Don was allegedly overcharging customers for dubplates, and he had also changed all of the passwords of his Instagram and YouTube account, preventing him from accessing his content and continues to upload music unauthorized.

“Mi and Brii have no access to the YouTube because the email weh control the YouTube rohamromeoreid ray ray ray I don’t have access to that email, Terro have it, each time I try to log in it tells me password change from how much days ago. Mi send one of my friends to him fi it and he said him nah because Brii ago delete me to influence me fi delete off the songs…Brii ago influence me to delete my hit songs dem?… is like she would be telling me to delete my career,” he said.

From there, having access to his Google account and his Google Photos, the friend from hell allegedly leaked damaging photos and videos of Reid and Brii engaging in intercourse and was using the Instagram account purporting to be the artist.

“Mi a you a friend but you woulda go to mi Google Drive and leak the sex tape with me and mi woman…the first thing him do after we come from England and we fall out him go into my Instagram after him log me out and screenshot a message with me and Brii, text it and post it,” he said.

According to Silk Boss, he and Terro Don fell out because Brii started showing him that his accounts on Instagram and YouTube were making money which he wasn’t receiving.

“Mi link him and mi seh Terro Youtube pay money. [hun say No]. So mi seh how yuh deh tell mi seh YouTube nuh pay nuh money and mi see Brii collect 90 add thousand offa YouTube?” Reid said he questioned his former manager and friend.

Reid says the ex-manager then claimed that he received U$120 the month before. He has since received access to his Instagram account, but Terro Don remains in control of the YouTube account, where he has posted new music that was unauthorized for release and collects income from the account.

In the meantime, Silk Boss says his girlfriend is now his manager, but it’s been months now that this is happening, and the artist says there are damaging narratives out in the space against them.

“Mi and Brii sitting down not saying nothing and the people dem a run with fe him side of story and a paint a bad image of me and Brii,” he claims.

Meanwhile, Silk Boss says that Terror Don has also used his mother to get to him and has her claiming that he has turned his back against her.

“She say mi ungrateful and mi this and mi that and mi say ‘mommy ya tell mi me nah do nothing for you but you nah work and all the bills dem weh u have fi clear who clear them?” he said about his mother also having problems with him.