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T.I. Says Kodak Black Capping In Freestyle About Him And Big Boi

Kodak T.I.
Kodak Black, T.I.

T.I. denies that he tried to get Florida rapper Kodak Black kicked off of his label.

Kodak Black made the claims in a diss freestyle while on the Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God, where he said Outkast rapper, Big Boi, Atlanta rapper T.I., tried to get him kicked off of the label.

“Ni**as trying to play me out my money. Made a general statement I was speaking in third-person/Tried to twist the sh*t and hurt me/Snatching food from my table/T.I. and Big Boy tried to get me kicked up off the label,” Kodak rapped but did not go further when questioned what he meant only saying, “I ain’t worried about nobody, I ain’t mad at nobody. I wish everybody nothing but success. I ain’t trippin’.”

T.I. had initially denied that he tried to hurt Kodak’s career in the comment section of a post highlighting the freestyle.

“BIG (cap emoji). Don’t know where u get this cap a*s sh*t from Bruh? For the record, I ain’t never wasted my time worrying about another n***a bankroll or record deal. Told you this in your section face to face personally in Booby Trap & I’ll say it again. Much success to you youngsta. Stay focused,” he said.

The Atlanta rapper and movie star also went further with a video he posted saying that he was shocked to hear the freestyle.

“Happened to scroll down a man and see a young brotha, Kodak, kickin’ a freestyle on the Breakfast Club, mention my name and said something about me and Big Boi tried to get him kicked off a label. Hm, whenever I hear my name associated to sh*t that ain’t true, I try my best, at least initially, to clear that sh*t up,” he began.

The rapper added that he is never one to cut down another man or watch their money.

“My n**a, I ain’t ever wasted my time, energy or oxygen trying to worry about you or nobody else and what motherf*kin record label they’re signed to. That ain’t how I get down. I know you don’t know me, so I’m just going to say this right here, that ain’t how I get down. I don’t care what record label you signed to, I don’t care how much money you have, I ain’t trying to interfere with none of that,” he said.

T.I. also cleared things up as he wished Kodak the best and also told him he was digging his latest chart-topper, “Super Gremlin.”

“I don’t care what record label you signed to. I don’t care how much money you have. I ain’t trying to interfere with none of that. I wish you the absolute best. And I told you that face-to-face in your section at Booby Trap. Told you, ‘I’m happy for your success and I wish you much more of it and I wish you the absolute best on your journey.’ So, I don’t know where that sh*t came from. We slapped hands and parted ways amicably…Your song jammin, though. I F*** with it. Continue on.”

Meanwhile, it seems that Kodak might still be holding grudges against T.I., who had called him out for his inappropriate comments towards Nipsey Hussle’s partner Lauren London in 2019. After that, the two had tense exchanges but otherwise appeared to be fine, especially after Kodak apologized to Lauren in 2020.

Watch Kodak Black freestyle below.