Dancehall Veteran Mr. Lexx Says Sophomore Album Almost Done

Mr. Lexx
Mr. Lexx

Dancehall fans can look forward to Mr. Lexx’s sophomore album soon as he has confirmed that he’s putting the final touches on it. The album is titled Like I Never Left.

Mr. Lexx recently spoke with the Jamaica Star and revealed that the album would have 15 tracks, two of which are expected to be hidden tracks. The artist, whose real name is Christopher Palmer, did not reveal a release date as yet because of certain obligations to his previous record label.

The dancehall veteran added that he was in a “messed-up” deal with VP Records and that he had no choice but to wait for the contract to run out before he could release new music. The “Full Hundred” singer said that he is now an independent artist and is no longer with VP.

Mr. Lexx’s rise to fame came in the 90s on the VP label. His debut album was called Mr. Lex on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Lexx shot up in popularity after his collaboration with Wayne Wonder on a track titled “Anything Goes”, which also featured American rap duo Capone-N-Noreaga for the Red Star Sounds: Def Jamaica compilation. That body of work also received a Grammy nomination for best reggae album.

The general landscape of dancehall has changed quite a bit since he made his debut in 1992, but he believes that he is not only ready to renter the space but is confident that he will have the same type of appeal to dancehall fans.

“I’ll do what I’ve always done, be me. So however my inspiration forward, I ”ll just go along,” he added. His confidence also extends to capturing the younger audience as he believes as one of the early players in the dancehall genre, many youths would already know his name and some of his lyrical skills.

Mr. Lexx added that at the end of the day, he remained in the dancehall space for the last 30 years simply because he has been doing what he loves.