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Chief Keef Shared Viral Meme Of Himself Stopping The War

Chief Keef taps in after going viral on Twitter as fans put him in the middle of the war.

The world is still reacting to the latest conflict between Russia and Ukraine that many experts believe could spill over into World War III. As the issue continues to resonate with people around the world, the hip-hop community has had a bit of a strange reaction to the news.

Twitter users seem to have unanimously nominated drill rapper Chief Keef to become an American hero by flying to Russia and single-handedly defeating the country’s president, Vladimir Putin. How he is expected to do perform such a herculean task hasn’t been sorted out as yet.

The Chicago rapper began trending on Twitter earlier today February 25. Of course, it’s all in good humor, as people try to make sense of what seems to be a senseless war that could lead to widespread bloodshed and worldwide turmoil.

Many have joined in on the trend and it’s immediately noticeable if you go onto Twitter and click into the “Chief Keef” trend on the social media platform. Almost immediately a large number of memes and jokes will pop up. They all offer up the rapper who probably has no idea why to journey to Ukraine and end the war.

Chief Keef seems to have taken it in stride as he jokingly posted that he’s packing his bags and will soon be on his way to pull off the toughest mission ever. He used instagram to respond to the trend where he posted, “On the way to Ukraine.”

His fans egged him on in the comments like this one who said, “BREAKING NEWS: Russia ends war due to Chief Keef’s entry into the region,” and this one who added, “ONLY PERSON WHO CAN SAVE US.”

Check out some of the hilarious reactions on Twitter below: