Nation Boss Delivers “Calm N Steady” Video With Chronic Law Making Cameo

Nation Boss
Nation Boss

Nation Boss has dotted all his Is, crossed all his Ts, and curved all his Cs, as he stays cool, calm, yet confident in his new song and music video “Calm N Steady.”

The reggae crooner keeps things 100 on this one, showing that he too, is prepared for war if needs be. He does so gracefully, incorporating his vision to see all of his crew members win. Dan Sky Records gets major props from Nation Boss, who explains that the producer has helped him to see the bigger picture on many occasions. Dan Sky teams up with Attomatic Records to produce “Calm N Steady” on the Elevate Riddim. Meanwhile, Jay Glimpse and the team at Glimpse Cinema handle the music video.

The video gets cameo appearances from Sky, as well as 6IXX member Chronic Law. Possibly more prominent in the video are bottles and bottles of that dark French Cognac Hennessy, which is shared among just about everyone in front of the lens. Maybe this is the magic elixir that helps to keep the group tight and Nation Boss’s pen game tight.

The Guru’s fans have been channeling their love for the new video all over social media, sharing clips on Instagram and landing comments to the official Youtube upload.

“Never seen a better Rasta like Nation Boss this MV worth more like a million. It’s sounds great and clearly to. Nation Boss never disappoint,” one fan shared.

The laidback vibe from The Guru is one not to be messed with, as the entertainer’s chants of self-reliance, growth, and positivity have earned him some decent streaming numbers thus far.

Nation Boss is best known for his track “Humans.” However, he has also done quite well with songs like “Emotions” featuring Yaksta, “Faith,” and ” Airplane Mode” featuring Nation Boss x Chronic Law x Troublemekka.

“Just like Jack Sparrow Me Hunt Fi Dat Treasure,” the Boss sings in one of the key lines from the track.

Check it out below.