Female Fan Shook Meeting Dancehall Star Mavado For The First Time

Mavado file photo

A female fan was shook meeting Mavado for the first time.

If you ever doubted the persuasive power of music, look no further than at a video dancehall veteran Mavado shared on Tuesday. The visuals show a fan who was so overwhelmed at meeting him in person that she bowed down before him, greeting him with Christ-like reverence. She praised him for the caliber of work he has produced over the years that have earned him a dedicated and loyal fan base.

At least one person attempted to have her stand; those were met with “Unnu leave me alone!” While on her knees before the “So Special” artiste, she declared, “This is my birthday wish. I wish the stars and the heaven to open to you. Thank you for teaching me so much.”

Her impulsive and unusual gesture left those present unsure of what to do or make of the situation, but most were as touched by her actions as the “Final Destination” entertainer, who then helped her to her feet and gave her a heartfelt hug as she was almost moved to tears. In the background, a member of his entourage could be heard exclaiming, “B*****cl**t! Gully God a so you a move yout!”

After the hug, she asked him to forgive her impulsive action, but she felt compelled as she really appreciated just how much his music meant to her.

Born David Brooks, Mavado indeed has produced music that fans have over the years said holds meaningful and inspirational messages, including “So Special,” “Overcome,” “Hope and Pray,” and “Never Give Up.” The 41-year-old from Cassava Piece got his big break in 2005 with “Real McKoy” and has since had many trials and tribulations. In 2021 he lost his mother and witnessed his 18-year-old son being given a life sentence for murder.

Fans shared their thoughts on the incident as most fully endorse her actions which they credit as a living legend. One fan stated, “Music is powerful. The ghetto youth dem a touch soul of all nations.” Another chimed, “A me dis when me meet you in person. I love you. There is nothing no one can say or change the love and energy I have when I listen to your music and have good meditation.”