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Pusha T Speak On Drake Using His Lyrics In Instagram Video With Adonis

Pusha T Drake
Pusha, T Drake

Pusha T’s beef with Drake was long before Kanye West took issue with the Toronto rapper, and at certain points, it became intense and threatened to engulf the peace in hip hop.

The two rappers had a decade-long beef started in 2011, and while fans may remember some memorable moments from the beef, some lines were crossed that shouldn’t have been crossed, like when Pusha T doubled down on his Drake hate and shared one of the most private and secret development.

In 2018, Pusha released a diss song curiously named “The Story of Adidon” where he cut into Drake and not only revealed that the rapper had had a son out of wedlock with a woman who was a former stripper but that he was also keeping the child a secret, even singing and hinting at his name to fans in an unsuspecting song.

Recently, things starting to look like Drake and Pusha T could be heading for reconciliation after Drizzy surprisingly used a line from King Push’s song “Cot Damn” in one a post with his son Adonis he shared on Instagram.

However, Pusha T says he doesn’t think the lyric is negative.

“I thought he was propping up his son speaking French,” Pusha told Complex. “I wouldn’t put my son in that type of energy, and he was a Clipse fan back then, so it makes sense.”

Meanwhile, Pusha T also spoke about Drake and Kanye’s beef which culminated with the parties coming together in November 2021 for the Larry Hoover Benefit concert. When asked if he could accept the beef has ended and abide by Kanye’s decision, the rapper said he’s moved past the issues.

“Oh, I’ve already looked past that,” Pusha continues. “I looked past that. I don’t look towards that anymore. Bygones are bygones, as far as I see. I think it’s really good that they did squash it. That works really good for them.”

Pusha T says he told Kanye West that reconciling with Drake is good for him and that they don’t have to consult about that.

Drake has not addressed the beef or his past beef with Pusha T, but it seems safe to say that the rappers are no longer beefing, but it’s unclear if they are on good terms.

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