Jahshii, Dane Raye Lawyer Explains Why They Beat DRMA charges


The recent dismissal of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) charges against up-and-coming dancehall artist Jahshii and producer/artist Dane Ray was mainly due to oversight on the part of the arresting officers.

That’s according to their attorney-at-law Thomas Levine who represented the entertainers. Both men were warned and discharged when they appeared in the Santa Cruz Petty Session Court last Monday, February 14 to answer to charges for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

The charges were laid following an illegal party held on New Year’s Eve in Leeds in the parish. They were also charged for not wearing masks. The duo pleaded guilty to that charge.

According to Thomas, who spoke with the STAR, what was presented to the court could not be contradicted by anyone who was there. He further explained that there was never a question about his clients’ whereabouts at the material time.

While the two were admittingly at the party, the problem arose in how they were charged. According to him, the two men were actually in their vehicles when they were summoned from their motor vehicles to be taken to a senior police officer.

He went on to say that the arresting officer was particularly blunt in his statement. He explained that after the pair were seen speaking to a senior officer, instructions were given for them to be charged. He added that the presiding judge was somewhat shocked at the evidence presented by the prosecution and that it was also in concurrence with his arguments for the defense.

The STAR also spoke with Dane Ray, who said that he was happy with the judgment and felt that justice had been served. He added that he felt good to know that the case was thrown out.