Usain Bolt Clowns Tyreek Hill After Micah Parsons Beat Him In A Race

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

Among those taken aback by Tyreek Hill’s loss to Micah Parsons earlier this month is Usain Bolt.

The NFL wide receiver has been adamant about competing with Bolt to the finish line, but as it turns out, Bolt might not be interested in taking him on after all. At least not after seeing his performance in the recent showdown.

Tyreek Hill, widely considered one of the fastest players in the entire NFL, was beaten by Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons on Thursday (February 3) during the Fastest Man portion of the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown.

Parsons’ win had raised quite a number of eyebrows since the player was not only a rookie but also the heaviest to participate in the event at 245 pounds.

While he credited Tyreek Hill as the “fastest man in the league” without a doubt, Usain Bolt is not so sure the Kansas City Chiefs player deserves the title. For Bolt, the race is proof enough that Hill is not ready for the challenge he has been calling for.

In a recent interview with TMZ, the retired sprinter noted that he was not impressed by Tyreek Hill’s performance at the Pro Bowl.

“He’s not ready. He got beaten by some linebacker!” he said. The 35-year-old further claimed he would simply dust Hill on the track. “He ain’t ready for this! I’m the fastest man in the world. What do you mean?!” Bolt.

For months, the two sportsmen have been sharing exchanges about a highly anticipated head-to-head race, with Hill even betting his Super Bowl ring that he would beat the Jamaican star.

While it’s safe to say the star player’s position does not seem impressive at this point, even as the man is considered to be the fastest in the NFL, some fans are speculating that he was not exerting much effort in the race, and it is simply not enough to judge.

The 27-year-old Hill, who has considered training to become an Olympic sprinter in the past, has not commented on the race.

But, with Bolt’s recent disclosure that Hill is not worth his time, the race he was actually hoping for is more likely not to happen.