Ishawna Vs. Peter Tosh’s “Equal Rights” Causes Stir On School’s Challenge Quiz


Social media was sent into a frenzy after a clip from the popular school’s challenge competition was shared online where students inaccurately chose to identify Ishawna’s “Equal Rights” as the answer to a question.

The School’s Challenge Quiz competition is a local event runoff year-round as schools battle it out in the process of elimination for the top spot.

On Monday, Denbigh High school came up against Wolmer’s Boys, and a part of the quiz game started trending after an answer was given by one of the teams,

The answer offered by Denbigh High School was in relation to who the author of the song “Equal Rights” was. The correct answer is legendary reggae singer Peter Tosh, but it seems that the young children only being exposed to nowadays music chose to identify Ishawna as the author since she also has a controversial song by the same name.

The question was posed by host Marlene Stephenson-Dalley, who identified Tosh as the correct answer.

Of course, the answer cause controversy as the content of the two songs vastly differs from Ishawna’s single promoting women as the recipients of oral sex. The song addresses the longstanding taboo topic of oral sex even though dancehall has normalized men receiving oral sex from women but “burning” out men reciprocating the same energy.

Meanwhile, viewers of the show felt that even though quiz conceptualizers had as correct, was reggae legend Peter Tosh, the answer given by Denbigh High was not incorrect either.

Viewers took to Twitter to make a case for the school as they pointed out that she was not only the more recent artist with a song of the same name but that the controversy surrounding the lyrics and content and the press it has received caused it to be fresh in the minds of persons who might not have listened to the song eve,=n.

“Marlene said name the artist for the song ‘Equal Rights’ and I immediately thought @Ishawna as well. #TVJSCQ,” one person tweeted.

“Marlene: Who recorded the song Equal Rights? Denbigh High: ISHAWNA !! Marlene: No. Peter Tosh. Awwwwwks. Lol I mean they’re right on a technicality,” wrote another person on Twitter.

“Dem fight Ishy at every turn,” Skatta Burrell said on Twitter about the artist and the song.

Meanwhile, the artist has not responded to the faux pas, but the school has been awarded the point after viewers made a case for them.