Nesbeth Addresses Alleged Beef With Vybz Kartel

Nesbeth Vybz
Nesbeth, Vybz Kartel

Nesbeth steps forward to address his rumored beef with Vybz Kartel.

The reggae singer is dispelling rumors that he had any beef with the Gazanation leader or that his 2017 critique of Youth View Awards organizers caused his career to plummet shortly after.

Nesbeth addressed the matter on his Instagram LIVE when he answered questions from YardVibez TV, which queried, “Do you believe that your career took a turn for the worse after you made a comment regarding Vybz Kartel?”

Nesbeth gave a detailed breakdown of what took place when he called out the organization for lack of transparency when it came on to the voting process.

“The Youth View Awards needs scrutiny; it’s obvious their process of transparency is not as the public perceives,” he had said in 2017 after his hit single “My Dream” was overshadowed by Vybz Kartel‘s “Fever” to take home the title of Favorite Local Chart-Topping Song of the Year.

During his rant, Nesbeth further called out Youth View Awards on the grounds that the platform was promoting “negativity.”

“The truth is ‘Good’ is never generally rewarded in a world that craves negativity, but I will not allow that to deter me from continuing to inspire the ‘youths’ and the people of this world with positive music,” he had said on social media.

The “Success Story” singer expounded on the comments he made in 2017 and gave his reasons during his recent Instagram LIVE.

“I don’t remember taking a shot at Vybz Kartel,” he opened while stating that he had walked out of the ceremony after the award was handed to his competitor. Nesbeth further commended the Worl’boss on his artistry, even sharing that he listens to conscious tracks from the Gazanation leader and appreciates the work and effort put into each of them.

Referencing the turbulent and violent times of the period, the singer felt that “My Dream” was deserving of the award due to its more wholesome and uplifting lyrical components. He has now blamed Youth View for allegedly inciting that the singer had fired shots at Vybz Kartel.

“You know the Gazanation come out inna dem numbers,” he explained. The singer shared that the harsh comments eventually subsided.

In addressing the matter of whether his career has declined, the singer stated, “Timeless music me sing. Me is not about the noise inna the market … you will realize that my songs are here to stay. That is my focus. You know when you focus down that path the journey is not going to be easy.”

Nesbeth clarified that he has made other tracks apart from “My Dream,” which fans worldwide have gravitated towards and continue to request.