Teejay Shares Romeich Chased Him Out Jordan Yard After Jumping Fence

Romeich and Teejay
Romeich Major, Teejay

Teejay gets candid about his journey in dancehall music and why he would never publicly disrespect his former manager Romeich Major.

Opening up about his journey in the music industry and how difficult it was for him in the initial stages of his career, Teejay opened up about the amount of fight he got and how he had to sleep on people’s floor when he moved to Kingston from Montego Bay to further his dreams of become a dancehall artiste.

The “Up Top Boss” entertainer took a break from rehearsing at an overseas concert to get some things off of his chest, as he made it known that he had a lot to say and a ton of work to do to be internationally recognized as an acclaimed artiste on every continent.

On his IG LIVE, he expressed excitement at his upcoming performance, where the crowd capacity was expected to exceed 30,000. The 27-year-old acknowledged that most of the patrons probably have no clue who he is, but he was excited to be on the line-up nevertheless and vowed that he would ensure that by the end of the evening, his name would be on their lips. In sharing his past struggles, he stated that he had no real animosity towards his former manager Romeich.

“Me jump Jordan [Jordan McClure] fence and Romeich dem run me outta d yard already and a d same Romeich wey tun roun and gimme d strength same way so big up you self youth. That is why me a bwoy who will never come pon a ends or tv and chat this and that. Anything wey happen done happen and you go your ways and me go my ways too but we nah go kill each other cuz we ago memba the lickle good and just hold we head and sey a time to tek the thing to the next level,” he expressed.

Teejay / @uptopboss_official IG

The “Owna Lane” artiste, a father of five, said that “food haffi eat,” so he has to work hard, keep his head in the game, and not get caught up battling with other artistes.

“2018 me buss and me never fall off or worry about flopping or trending,” Teejay said during the IG Live discussion. “If three million people live a Jamaica, billions more are out here in the world. And me nuh waa you believe sey me turn me back but I’m not doing this for Jamaica, I’m doing this for the world. I’m not just a Jamaican artiste, I’m a world artiste, you get it? I have poured my heart into this and get a whole heap a fight bro. Me a the only artiste from Montego Bay fi get fight; me a the only artiste fi go a Kingston go sleep pon people floor fi buss. A true unnu not even know.”

He further expressed that he knew he had a lot more work to do to accomplish all of his goals but that his ultimate dream is to perform for hundreds of thousands of people; for his voice to be heard worldwide, and for his legacy to live on so that his children can thrive from the proceeds of his name.