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Romeich Celebrates His Baby Girl Skye Major’s First Birthday

Romeich baby girl
Romeich Major

Skye Lyric Major turns one (1) today, and her dad Romeich Major ensured that his princess was offered the royal treatment!

The Romeich Entertainment owner has been gushing about his little one for quite some time, with news of her presence coming on Yendi Phillips’ Odyssey.

“I’m going to have a beautiful daughter and I’m going to be happy…Boi she ago spoil,” Romeich explained in April, which by the looks of it, was a few months after her actual birth. There are still a few mysteries surrounding the beautiful Skye, such as her mom, that is, of course, if you are a close member of the family. Not to worry, though, Skye has so much more to offer and has been keeping her 30.8k Instagram followers updated, with the help of her dad, who manages her Instagram account.

Her most recent post offered thanks to the ones closest to her who helped to make her big day a reality. “I am a big girl today. I am one year old #skyelmajor Thanks to uncle @roshstudios for my pics and aunty @squeakynorton for decor and special thanks to daddy and mommy. And not mention aunty @jadethajem and @legendary_browning for getting my pose right,” the caption shared.

Romeich also shared his love in the caption of his own post.

“My blessing!!! GOD SENT YOU FOR A REASON IN MY LIFE and I know you gonna change not only my life but many Love you @skyelmajor.”

Romeich Major is also a dad to Xzander Major, who currently resides in the United States. In October 2020, Romeich surprised Xzander for his birthday when he dropped by his home with a gift he had requested.

“Monday is @xtramajorr bday so all he asked for was for me to come spend his day with him so I told him I can’t because I have work but had to move around things and come make sure my biggest motivation happy!!!! Love u son so we gonna get a entire weekend,” he wrote in October 2020.

Urban Islandz will stay tuned to Skye’s page to see just what Romeich has in store for his little girl. In the meantime, go ahead and check out the photos from the recent shoot.