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DaBaby Ban From Bowling Alley, Cops Investigating Fight With DaniLeigh’s Brother

Dababy / @Dababy IG

DaBaby didn’t just get banned from SoCal Bowling Alley, but is now under investigation. The Charlotte rapper is not allowed back at the bowling alley in California where he and his crew attacked Brandon Bills yesterday.

The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating for assault with a deadly weapon during a fight with DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s Brother Brandon Bills.

Bills, an aspiring rapper, was seen being slammed to the ground as almost half a dozen men from DaBaby’s security detail beat him up.

Several videos showed the assault where the security guards also appeared to hold down Bills for DaBaby to land punches to his head while he fell to his knees.

According to XXL Mag, the LAPD has taken note of the video and has launched an investigation. The news site reported that the LAPD confirmed receiving a police report on the fight with DaBaby and Brandon Bills which took place at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, California, for assault with a deadly weapon.

The rapper is listed as the main suspect.

The rep also said, “On 02/10/22, at 1:20 a.m., officers responded to a radio call for an ambulance battery in the 19600 block of Ventura Boulevard. Officers met with the victim, who had left the location after the incident but had returned later around 3:30 a.m., to have a police report completed.”

According to the LAPD rep, the “victim stated he was at the location when he became involved in a verbal dispute with the suspect. The victim was punched in the face by the suspect, then hit and kicked by numerous other suspects. The victim received injuries, but refused medical treatment.”

According to a report from TMZ, the LAPD had said Bills was kicked in the head while he was already on the ground.

The entire incident has been caught on video in snippets and shared online, showing Bills, the brother of singer Danileigh who has a child with DaBaby, being beaten and having his face bloodied as well as his hair being pulled and used to slam him into the ground.

One video shows Baby throwing punches at Bills on a bowling alley lane and after his security guards also hit Bills while DaBaby watches on.

Bills shared on Thursday that he had approached DaBaby to talk “like real men”, as he referenced the incident with DaBaby and Danileigh. During that incident, there was a physical altercation between Baby and Dani in which he called the police on her and also kicked her and their then-3-month-old daughter out of his home while on Instagram Live.

Bills had vowed he would deal with the rapper on sight and even challenged him to a fight for disrespecting his sister.

DaBaby never responded to the invitation to fight.