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Asian Doll Airs Out VLAD After Walking Out Interview Over King Von Diss

King Von Asian Doll
King Von, Asian Doll

Asian Doll is airing out DJ VLAD after walking out interview.

Rapper Asian Doll chose to make her feelings about DJ Vlad of VladTV known by accepting an interview invite from the entertainment news website and keeping it all the way real during her short time in front of the camera.

The artist and former girlfriend of slain rapper King Von posted a clip of the interview on social media with the caption, “S**K MY **** VLAD. Thought it was funny when I was grieving when von died just to ask me can you interview me lol look how the tables turn CLOWN GOOFY”.

She followed the clip up with her own video commentary, laughing and saying, “Thought I was finna sit down and do an interview?”

Now Asian has returned to social media to respond to followers questioning why she would even agree to sit down with VladTV in the first place.

“Because my male manager wanted me to do it so bad,” she wrote. “I keep saying NO! So after being asked multiple times to do it I said Okay I’ll do It but under one condition…I tell him exactly how I felt & that’s exactly what I did so **** HIM & YALL”.

During the interview, Doll named some of the reasons she lost respect for Vlad, saying, “I feel like a lot of people was just playing with me when Von died. A lot of people thought that sh*t was funny…A lot of people was just adding on to, ya know, me grieving.”

King Von died in November of 2020 after being shot outside an Atlanta nightclub. Asian Doll is clearly still grieving the loss and recently posted a picture of a new tattoo featuring the initials of Von’s birthname above her eyebrow.

Asian Doll called out an issue many celebrities encounter when dealing with entertainment news platforms—they want to judge and criticize one second and then ask for an artist’s time and energy the next. While Asian Doll remained respectful to the woman interviewing her during her sit down with Vlad, she had no problem calling out DJ Vlad directly for the hypocrisy he encourages through his website.