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Summer Walker’s New Hairstyle Gets Response From London On Da Track’s Baby Mama

Summer Walker
Summer Walker IG

Summer Walker says she’s always wanted the hairstyle which sees her head shaved except for the hair that holds a ponytail with long dreads down her back.

She debuted the new look on her Instagram account, where she said she “legit wanted this hairstyle my whole life.”

Fans were quick to react to the video as they offered their opinions on the hairstyle, with many celebrating the R&B singer’s move to be herself while others thought the hairstyle was funny.

“I love when people are themselves. I think it looks awesome,” one fan commented while another added, “She lying.. she prob couldn’t take out those dreads and just cut it off.”

Others on Twitter were more cynical as they made fun of the singer’s new style. “It’s given Goro from mortal kombat,” one said. “Looks like them lace front snatched her hairline back too,” another added.

Among those dragging the new singer was fellow London on Da Track baby mama Eboni Ivori who compared her hairstyle to a horse.

“Y half of Y’all up there lying to that girl knowing that mess look like a horse butt,” she captioned a photo of horsetail with eyes and lips edited in. she also followed up with a picture of Goro from Mortal Combat on her Instagram Stories.

Fans were, however, not here for Eboni trolling Summer Walker as they called her out for being obsessed with Walker and using every opportunity to speak on her.

“She just be waiting for summer to do whatever so she can express how envious she is.. I’m convinced of this idc idc,” one fan said.

Despite all of the criticisms, Summer Walker’s choice of hairstyle hints at her personality to not care what others think.

The R&B singer’s 10-part audio series, “Mindset,” talks about how people have viewed her and how she feels about it.

“I’ve had to deal with people thinking I’m weird all my life,” she said in a teaser. “Anything other than just being yourself is weird. ‘Cause if you’re not being yourself, then who are you doing it for? What are you doing it for?”

Walker added, “… It took a lot of time and exploration for me to be comfortable in my skin and learn just to be myself. That’s why I created a Mindset. I’m opening up about some really personal stuff, like my anxiety, how meditation has helped me, and the importance of being true to yourself.”

She continued, “opening up doesn’t come easy to me, but I wanted to record these ‘Mindset’ episodes to let you know that we’re on this journey together.”