Jay-Z Snaps On Photographer Taking Taking Pics Of Him & Barrington Levy

Levy Jay-Z
Barrington Levy, Jay-Z

Jay-Z had to let a photographer know he was taking too long to take a pic of him and Barrington Levy.

Jay-Z is a living legend in hip hop music, and the span of his career has seen him interacting with many professional photographers like Jonathan Mannion, Jamil GS, and Raven B. Varona or even his fans who bomb rush him for selfies and photos.

The rapper has always been humble when allowing photo opportunities, but it seems that the billionaire’s patience is not his top virtue. Recently, one photographer got a little lesson from Jay-Z that he doesn’t like to wait when it comes to his photos.

The rapper was seen posing for a photo with reggae and dancehall legend Barrington Levy at a party to celebrate his movie ‘The harder They Fall,’ but in the middle of the photo, he seems to love his patience.

“You gotta take it faster than that, man!” the usually-calm and jovial Jay-Z barked at the man behind the lens while having a scowl on his face.

Both Jay-Z and Barrington can be seen waiting on the photographer, but each had a look on their face as if they weren’t sure if the photo was taken as they shifted pose.

Jay-Z does not like to wait, and he’s said it before in his classic single, “Big Pimpin,” where he raps, “I got no patience, and I hate waitin.” It seems the photographer had a real-life experience with the legend he won’t forget.

In the meantime, snippets of the event with Jay and Levy have been circulating on social media as the duo was among the guests who were at the premiere party for the movie in November 2021, which was co-executive produced by Jay-Z.

Levy is among a few of the Jamaicans who were part of the film soundtrack. Fellow Jamaica Koffee was also featured at the event.

Among the other celebs who attended the event were Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Fabolous, Conway The Machine, and others.