Shenseea Is Not Leaving Dancehall, Says She Will Not Address Marion Hall


Shenseea is relishing the success of her new single “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion. While there have been numerous unfavorable comments about the song and its visuals, there was a lot of positive feedback from her supporters as the track racked up the streams in the days after its release.

Shenseea is also active on social media, reacting to some of the reactions from her supporters, including Popcaan, who she had a friendly exchange with on IG. Poppy earned a reply from ShenYeng, who insinuated that the Unruly Boss performs cunnilingus after he tagged “Lick” with his signature “yyyyyyyy.

Shenseea also took time to clarify a statement from John John Music Group Shelly-Ann Curran. The artiste manager made comments about a recent Instagram LIVE where Shenseea reiterated her 5-year plan for the direction of her musical career.

Curran tweeted, “Shenseea says that the five years she had given herself in Dancehall has come to an end, and she will now pursue the genre she has long said was her first love: Pop.”

The singer seemingly found the comment to be disingenuous and decided to set the record straight on just what she meant.

The “Rebel” singer took to Twitter where she wrote, “I’m glad the Live is still on social media where we all can research and see for ourselves that I DID NOT say my time in Dancehall has come to an end; A live specifically stating “I’ll be pursuing a dream I’ve always wanted but I can never leave Dancehall behind.”

Shenseea tweet

In a follow-up tweet, Shen denounced any aspirations of wanting to ascend to the Queen of Dancehall throne.

“However my statement still stands when I say ‘NEVER aspired to be Queen of Dancehall’,” she wrote.

“Lick” debut at No. 1 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Top 100, N0. 22 as of January 25 before slumping to the No. 65 three days later. The music video has received nearly 5 million views within the space of a week. Nonetheless, the female deejay has upped her promotional game by offering a total of US$20,000 across two social media platforms to see just who has the right “Lick.”

Many, including ZJ Vybz, chopped everything up to a matter of miscommunication and faults in the written version of the English Language. What are your thoughts?

“Lick” is only the tip of the iceberg of what Shenseea is gearing up to release on March 11, when her debut album Alpha hits streaming services.

Shenseea is also responding to some recent controversies involving Marion Hall, better known in dancehall as Lady Saw. Hall recently made some scathing remarks about the young Jamaican singer’s new song and music video. Of course, the Minister also rebuked other female artistes who have since clapped back.

Shenseea makes it clear that she will not be responding to the drama, nor will she engage in any war of words or in music with any female artiste.

“I’m not answering to no artist, mi nah do it,” she said on IG Live. “Why? Because it a go look like me a war with other artist and I’m not. I’m not fighting with no artist. Me never yet get up and throw word after nobody.”

Spice, Jada Kingdom, Macka Diamon, and a few other dancehall artistes have since responded to Minister Marion Hall condemning her for her statement.