Jada Kingdom Claps Back At Marion Hall On Twitter: “Jus mek wi fight”

Jada Marion
Jada Kingdom, Marion Hall

It took a few days to happen, but it seems female dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom has responded to criticism from Minister Marion Hall.

Earlier this week Hall, formerly Lady Saw, called Jada Kingdom and a handful of other female artistes “Weak.” She also hurled negative comments about the current state of their careers in dancehall while bashing the lyrical content of their songs. The comments did not go unchecked, as Macka Diamond, Shenseea, Tanya Stephens, and Spice all issued clap backs at the former dancehall star.

It’s now Muma Heavy’s time to have her say about the matter, and she took to her favorite social media platform to let it all out. Seemingly just getting put on to the comments made about her the previous Sunday, Jada queried, “R**sclawt,awah mi du muma saw!?”

The question was enough to start tweeting which was sure to send ‘Twinkle’s’ PR team into shock.

“I was gonna chill but f**k dat caz if a mi did seh sumn bout yuuu!!!??? yuh done mi long fukin time! mi wake up wid likkle sense today,” she remarked on Monday after sharing a few of her older tweets hinting that she would not be taking any prisoners in 2022.

“Mussi caz a neva yu mi did look up tu. gweh from yah suh muma bittaz!” Jada said.

Jada Kingdom and Spice share a beautiful friendship, with the “Banana” singer hailing the blue-haired dancehall baddie as her mentor. Her follow-up tweet saw her blasting Saw for her hypocritical comments about the raunchy content of modern dancehall, a move Kingdom believes Saw helped to foster.

Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom

“Yu was one of the most slackest artist on the land,now yuh claim seh yu change,mek yuh nuh jus guh one side & gwan bout yuh bbc ways,” Jada tweeted.

Minutes later, she reminded Marion Hall about the position she held in dancehall before she made her exit in 2015.

“YOU HAD YOUR TIME! memba? & YOU FELL OFF YEARS AGO! guh sidung nuh! awah? yuh miss not trending!?” Jada questioned before double-down in her follow-up tweet.

“Yuh decide fi guh turn “minister” right? caz yuh couldn’t bare not having the “QUEEN OF DANCEHALL” title anymore suh yuh run guh find a new head title inna church. tink yuh slick?”

However, not everyone was in agreement with the 23-year-old’s comment about the women many still revere as the one and only Queen of Dancehall since the early 1990s.

“Fell off of what? She left dancehall in the height of her career, no one push her out, she left. That lady have hits up on hits. What do you have? I like you, but it’s best you do what the other female that she also talked about do and not say a thing,” one person recommended.

The E-Syde Queen was still interested in throwing hands, if it came to that, to prove that she is not weak.

“Jus mek wi fight & si how weak mi really be caz spice and di ressa dem a ramp wid yuh!” She boasted.

“Jus walk di adda way yer!? doh mention mi name again outta slack mouth.”

It remains to be seen if Lady Saw will respond to Jada Kingdom.