Dancehall Veteran Ce’Cile Urges Jamaican Women To Help Fight Crime


Dancehall entertainer Ce’Cile may go under the moniker Bad Gyal, but she is preaching the complete opposite as she shares her ideas on how Jamaican women can help curb the violence being carried out on the streets of this beloved island state.

The “Loser” singer, like many others in society, sees the woman as a powerful force in facilitating crime and, as such, an even greater force in the fight against criminality. The female singer is now on a path to mobilize women who may have direct connections with the perpetrators carrying out the heinous acts of violence in Jamaica.

“Good morning my fellow Jamaicans. We have to take personal responsibility for the part we play in the decay of our society,” she wrote in a tweet on January 27, 2022. She further highlighted her shortcomings as an entertainer “Sometimes I cant do it in the music thats why me chat so much OTHERWISE. And try fi do my small part.”

Ce’Cile urged the fairer sex to be smart about accepting items that may have been purchased with stolen money or accumulated through other unscrupulous methods.
“Dont accept gifts from him you know he damn well cant afford to buy. A cuda smaddy him rob. Or worst,” she explained.

Additionally, Ce’Cile recommended that people tap into their talents or work together to form legit businesses.

“Stop stress him to do what he CANNOT DO and find a way to build together. Find out if him have some creative talent and help him start him bizniz. Start small.”

Ce’Cile has been a staple in Jamaican music for nearly two decades and has done a combination of reggae and dancehall tracks. While not explicitly said, the singer seems to be of the notion that music does have an impact on the psyche of people in society. She urged her female supporters who are aiding thugs to try a musical tactic to steer those men back to a positive light. She recommends throwing on Reggae tracks from the conscious singer I Wayne.

“I dont know who needs to hear this but: some Iwayne next time u bad man gun man come link u. Motivate him fi be a better man and put down the gun,” she said before alluding to the power of a woman’s love. “Member ur front have powers. Use it for good. #goodfrontsavelives #letsgetridofcrimetogether.”

A report issued by the Jamaican Constabulary Force indicates that 1,463 murders were committed in 2021. Sadly, those numbers are seemingly being mirrored for the new year, as over 112 people were murdered in Jamaica in the first 23 days of 2022. Those numbers have undoubtedly increased over the last five days, with numerous other reports coming in from all over the country.

Other Jamaican entertainers such as Tommy Lee Sparta, Popcaan, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man have lashed out against the brutal killings of both men and women.