Bounty Killer Link Up With Brian & Tony Gold On “Things You Do”

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

Offering up a refreshing change from what is currently being served, Bounty Killer, alongside the duo of Brian and Tony Gold, comes to our musical rescue with “Things You Do.”

In the video, a couple explores their enduring love for each other being playful, and the woman ensures that she not only takes care of her man but also takes care of herself. She stays fit, healthy, and beautiful just for him, and of course, all of his needs in the bedroom are also taken care of. The man is greeted at the door with a smile and promise of great things to come, and after he freshens up, he is served his kingly meal.

The four-minute-long track kicks off with Brian Gold’s smooth and silky voice giving up, “I can’t get enough of you, this feels so right, the things you do / I can’t help loving you, you stay on my mind, the things you do / I know life won’t be a bed of roses but I’ll take the hard times with you than have it easy alone / I go away for a day and it gets lonely.”

The “It’s OK” entertainer jumps in with a verse of admiration as he explains just how much he adores his woman. “The pleasure wey you gimme, you me gi thanks fah, you lock eena me life like when a ship anchor. Woman, you heart will never break, a dat me response fah, and if a good loving wey you wnat, then me a d sponsor. We done the talking, mek we cut to the chases, put on you lingerie, me love see you eena laces, you nuh local, me fly you go places.”

The song is pure one-drop, which feels like a throwback to an era of passion and love being transferred through music. Fans are happy that the ‘Poor People’s Governor’ is back, showing love.

One exclaimed, “Can’t get enough of good Jamaican music ennuh! In times like these we need songs like this. Great blend of voices. I love the song.”

Another chimed, “Vocals on point for all three artistes. Once again Bounty Killer delivers. Real authentic reggae vibes. This is our culture. Bless up Brian and Tony. Kaboom!”