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Wack 100 Says Bobby Shmurda Lost Street Creds Because Of “Twerking”

Wack 100 Bobby Shmurda
Wack 100, Bobby Shmurda

Wack 100 says Bobby Shmurda is losing the streets since his release from prison because of “twerking.”

Wack 100 is known for not holding back when it comes to voicing his opinions on the big names in the entertainment scene. The West Coast native has been making headlines lately for controversial statements and arguments on Hip Hop stars.

Now, rapper Bobby Shmurda is the latest individual to have his reputation attacked by Wack. In a video that has been circulating on the internet, the music manager said Shmurda made the wrong decision when he chose to slowly drop new music since his release from prison.

“You know what, amma be real. I don’t know what kind of fans he got. He only had one song,” Wack said. “I think he fcked up. He shoulda dropped…when that ngga got out he was finna let something go. I don’t know what he was thinking running around.”

Wack agreed with the host, who said that the record labels are doing Shmurda a favor. “That n***a trash,” the host said in the conversation.

Wack 100 also aired his displeasure with Shmurda’s recent habits of dancing and twerking, claiming that the new Bobby Shmurda has been losing the streets with his moves. The controversial music manager predicted that, in consequence, Shmurda’s album would fail.

“I think the ni**a gon’ go double wood. On top of that, he losing the streets with all that disco money dance he doing,” he said.

After serving six years in prison for weapons possession, fans are adamant that the “Hot N*gga” rapper has not been the same. After almost a full year since his release, Shmurda has been slow with new music releases but has promised to drop a new album sometime this year. The 27-year-old has been teasing the project on social media and recently dropped a single titled” Shmoney” that has since been making waves.

But in the meantime, the rapper appears to have found a new love in dancing, a new flame he has been both dragged and celebrated for. The rapper explained how this love developed with a video showing inmates dancing with makeshift knives in a social media post. In the caption, Bobby explained that he was just like those inmates dancing with weapons in case a fight would break out. Despite the explanation, many social media users share the perspective of Wack 100.

“Can’t believe we said ‘free bobby’ for 7 years for bro to do these type of shi,” one person said. But, others defended the rap star for not meeting ‘the streets’ expectations.

“why he gotta do what ya’ll want him to do tho? Nobody care about that street sh*t you see it got him in jail! Let home switch up,” wrote one fan.

Others attacked Wack 100 for taking a jab at Shmurda and other artistes over the past few weeks. “Wack is clout chasing off rappers with a name,” bashed a critic.

Wack 100’s name is still reeling from headlines following his comments that legendary rapper, Master P, is broke. Fans are now awaiting Shmurda’s response to the manager’s comments.