Steve Harvey Admits Micheal B. Jordan & Lori Harvey PDA Makes Him Cringe

Steve Harvey Lori Harvey
Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey don’t want to see PDA photos of his daughter Lori Harvey and her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

It’s never easy for a father to accept the person that his daughter brings home, but for legendary comedian Steve Harvey, it seems Michael B. Jordan has gotten his nod of approval. Harvey, who celebrated his 65th birthday yesterday, January 17, admitted that this could be because Jordan is such a great gift giver.

He made the comments while appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Jordan has been dating 25-year-old Lori Harvey for over a year now. That means they’ve spent some quality family time together now, which includes two Christmases at Harvey’s home.

Ellen, known for getting reactions out of her guests, pulled up a photo of the model sitting on her 34-year-old boyfriend’s lap. Steve was not amused as he said, “I’ve never seen that picture before,” before adding, “I’m very uncomfortable with that picture, I’m not really feeling [it].”

However, he did detail why Jordan is so far cool in his book. He revealed that the Black Panther actor once surprised him with a box of 100 rare cigars and his daughter’s mother with a brand new pair of skis.

“That boy coming through with some ‘[I’m] tryna impress the family’ gifts,” he added. On a more serious note, he said he likes Jordan simply because he’s just a good guy.

Steve also shared more about his recent birthday celebrations and said that his wife Marjorie spent thousands of dollars on matching red Dolce & Gabbana pajamas for the entire family. Steve, is well known for his budgeting skills and admitted, “When I saw the bill on that, I almost threw up.”

Steve Harvey added: “Cuz I know good and here well that Target got red pajamas, I know they do! The sign is red and white, I know Target got red pyjamas.”