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DaniLeigh Reveals She & Her Daughter With DaBaby Have Covid-19

DaniLeigh baby girl
DaniLeigh and her baby

DaniLeigh reveals that she and her daughter with DaBaby are recovering from Covid-19.

The pandemic is still raging on almost two years after the first cases were reported. Since the outbreak in 2020, there have been numerous celebrities who have been tested positive the virus. Unfortunately, Dominican Mami DaniLeigh and her 5-month-old baby are two of the latest celebs to announce they have been tested positive.

The R&B singer/dancer made the announcement on Twitter on Monday, telling her fans that they are doing ok.

“My baby and I have COVID,” she declared before sharing some good news that they were both doing well despite their recent diagnosis. “We’re ok and will be ok … appreciate prayers.” She left some recommendations for her fans, “stay masked up and inside y’all..”

Concerned fans offered the singer a few home remedies to help with whipping herself and her “Lil Bebe” back into good health.

“Lots of cuddles and snuggles get better soon, fresh pineapple, cucumber, celery, & ginger smoothies for you!! Seriously!!” One fan urged. Another fan shared, “Praying for ur recovery. Lots of natural tea with lemon ginger turmeric and cayenne. Stay hydrated and sleep on your tummy so your lungs wont be smashed.”

Dani has been using her post-pregnancy days to unwind, sharpen her dancing skills, and build her TikTok fanbase, all while flashing her beautiful pregnancy snapback. Even though 2021 was the year she welcomed her little one, it was also filled with heartbreak and drama as she fought with the father of her daughter, rapper DaBaby.

In November of last year, the singer and her baby left the rapper’s home after having a huge fight on Instagram LIVE.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby have not been spotted together since, but they both continue to share adorable images of the baby on their social media account. Fans of the singer are now questioning if Dababy will be there to offer support in light of the recent revelation.

DaBaby also faces his own issues as fans dissect his brand new music, “Sneaky Link Anthem.”

DaniLeigh says both herself and her baby girl are doing ok.