Beenie Man Ex D’Angel Gives Fantan Mojah A ‘Decent Whine’ On Stage

Fanton Mojah D'Angel
Fanton Mojah, D’Angel

Beenie Man ex-wife D’Angel and Fantan Mojah were enjoying each other’s company on Friday night, as the two were grinding on each other during a performance at the latest staging of Boom Box Fridays.

The weekly Friday night live show was practically star-studded with Gyptian, Davianah, D’Angel, and Fantan Mojah making an appearance. While each artiste made their mark with their performance, fans were left shocked but entertained when D’Angel invited Fantan Mojah to her set for a dance.

The 43-year-old “Exposed” singer was flaunting her long legs in short black leather shorts and a green top. She paired it with stylish heels that Mojah soon removed at her request.

“Stay pon the stage,” D’Angel ordered the 45-year-old Rastafarian singer, who had quickly accepted her invitation. “You say yah sexy ras, you say you a hot ras, you say you a di girl dem ras,” D’Angel challenged. “Mi ago see how fit you is,” she added when Fantan declined the use of a chair for the hyped performance.

After ordering the selector to play her 2019 hit single “Decent Whine,” the deejay proceeded to instruct Fantan Mojah to position himself as if he is seated on a chair to facilitate an intense lap dance.

However, the Reggae artiste, who recently switched to Dancehall, took actions in his own hands, pulling the stunning D’Angel towards him and lifting her onto his body.

The two ground on each other for more than a minute to the cheers of onlookers before D’Angel attempted to close the performance. “Give it up for Fantan Mojah. Mi nah lie Fantan you got the stamina,” she complimented.

But, an unsatisfied Fantan Mojah soon after borrowed the microphone to order the selector to play what seems to be one of his unreleased tracks, “Zum Zum.” The deejay proceeded to sit on a chair while D’Angel took the invitation to twerk on his lap.

The passionate moments on stage appear to have left onlookers, and viewers on Instagram Live surprised, as while D’Angel is known to go the extra mile in her performances, the Dancehall audience is still getting used to the usually ‘conscious’ Fantan Mojah’s transition to the Dancehall scene.

Last year, the controversial Rastafarian came under fire for his raunchy single “Fire King” that celebrates sexual relationships with women. The industry is still coming to terms with the artiste’s latest songs with similar themes, including “Touch My Body” compared to songs like “Stronger,” “Most High,” and “Rasta Got Soul” that the deejay is most famous for.

In an interview on The Alerick Show last month, Mojah explained that his controversial segue into Dancehall is because Jamaicans are not “taking to Reggae music.”

“Dem nah tek reggae music a Jamaica and dem nah tek it right now. Dem nah grab it in. A music we do, so wah? We a do a hit song, we want a hit song fi her current wid we young fans dem. So mi do a song name Fire King…a nuh holiness mi go inna music. Mi come fi entertainment mi fans, a nuh holiness…” he explained.

As the singer continues his transition to Dancehall, fans are anticipating what he will be coming with next. In the meantime, D’Angel has promised bigger and better things for the new year. Apart from new music, the singer’s new exclusive lingerie brand, “Xposed by D’Angel,” should be dropping in the coming weeks.