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Asian Doll Says Fivio Foreign Shoot His Shots At Her, Fivio Says Cap

Fivio Foreign
Fivio Foreign

Asian Doll says Fivio Foreign had one drink too many when he shoot his shots at her, but he’s saying she is lying.

She may as well blame it on the alcohol and the weed as rapper Asian Doll‘s latest antics does not exactly paint her as the most reliable or honest of individuals right about now. The “So Icy Princess” came for rapper Fivio Foreign‘s neck in a tweet where she claimed that he saw her in a bowling alley, and the two may have had more than just passing conversation in the back.

In her tweet, she wrote, “I had my ski masks on at the bowling alley Fivio gone say take that sh*t off and present that fairly face we wanna see that sh*t.” However, Fivio Foreign was not about to let Asian’s comments slide and instantly clapped back, assuring everyone that the female star was not being honest. He made it clear that everyone knows that he has a girlfriend and does not see the “Drippin In Glo” artiste as more than just a colleague in the industry.

Responding that no such thing remotely even happened, he wrote, “Wtf… Wat sort ov lie is dat? She da homie for positive.. however I gotta gurl.. You kno I ain’t transferring like dat.”

By referring to the Dallas native as “she the homie,” some followers theorized that he was also insinuating that she was a known ‘homie hopper.” Some were quick to say that she should be embarrassed for being caught in an all-out lie while painting the situation as clout chasing. However, Asian Doll said that she was far from embarrassed as she was simply high when she made the post and did it without any bad intention towards the “Big Drip” superstar.

King Von Asian Doll
King Von, Asian Doll

Doll went on to share that the word ’embarrassment’ does not exist in her dictionary and that she and Fivio Foreign will always be cool. In what was for her a form of apology, the 25-year-old rapper whose given name is Misharron Allen added, “You know you my boy @FivioForeign and I used to be excessive as f**k & you recognize my physique & I really like yo b*tch & you recognize I really like my heartttttt that’s over there with you,” she wrote again. “I’m only a viral b*tch. The way I’m not embarrassed is crazyyyyyyy.”

Many fans said that they had second-hand embarrassment for her as they believed that she was not only spiraling out of control but maybe on something far stronger than simply weed and liquor. Critics label weed and alcohol as truth serums, and as such, those vices would not influence someone to tell a blatant lie. One fan commented, “I don’t know why you’re all surprised. Asian Doll is always lying about some sh*t. She needs to take von off her face and put ‘help’ because that is what she needs,” while another speculated, “She done start doing crack.”

Bothered by all the negative comments and flack she has received over her actions, she hopped on Instagram LIVE to address the haters.

“Yall must be bored to still be talking about the tweets, I said it because I wanted to. I tweeted it cuz I wanted to. Everybody not broke but a lot of you broke. I said what I said bruh, I’m pretty as hell and he said what he said. He don’t like me like that and I don’t like him like that, you crazy! Everybody say I’m pretty as hell especially in real life. He probably didn’t even recognise that I was high as hell. S**k my d**k!”

Of late, Asian Doll has been making headlines for things other than her music. Between her recent podcast walk-out to tweets about her ex-boyfriend King Von, it seems Doll has been trending on social media for all the wrong reasons.