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Kodak Black Announces He Has Another Child On The Way, Insist He Is Single

Kodak Black Vvsnce

Kodak Black took to social media on Wednesday night as he clarified the relationship with his baby mother, Maranda Johnson, who is expecting their baby girl.

The South Florida rapper was posted up with a different woman who he later said is the artist that he signed despite her claiming that they were on their second date on Tuesday night at the Florida Panthers NHL game where she twerked on him. The videos and photos of that “date” led to another woman claiming that the rapper was not “loyal,” as she implied that they had been seeing each other since he was in jail.

In a Live Video on Instagram, Kodak Black said that he was not tied to anyone who did not understand what was going on with his personal life.

“It’s always understood, if I’m dealing with a person, I’m never gonna lead them on and make them feel like we’re in a relationship if we not, you hear me, I already let you know what I got going on in my life and so you gon make the decision if you want to deal with me or not, I aint gotta lie to nobody,” he said.

Kodak Black also dropped the bombshell that he was also expecting a third child and was planning to go all out with a ring, new Mercedes-Benz for the third baby like he did for Maranda.

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

“But If you’re my BM, you technically my b***** for forever, we locked in you hear me, so that’s why the whole ring and all of that is about…Got another baby on the way, imma come through the same way, ring, benz, foreign all that, you hear me?” he said.

Despite having all of the women he is already entangled with, the rapper seems to have a woman in his sights who is elusive. He did not name the person but said, “that’s who I really want and I’d change my life for her.”

Kodak also spoke about his artist VVS who was at the hockey game with him, whom he says isn’t his girl, but she is the hardest female around him, and he believes in her.

Kodak Black was previously linked to Miami rapper Mellow Rackz whom he was rumored to have been engaged to.

However, fans were shocked when Kodak was seen putting a ring on Maranda Johnson, who is said to be his on-and-off girlfriend over the last four years and who is pregnant with his daughter.

“I appreciate you for being a vessel to my legacy … And you look so good tonight,” Kodak told Johnson at their baby shower. “Man, listen I’d kill one of these n***as ’bout you, ya heard?”

“Even when we ain’t together, we together, ya heard me? And we locked in for life. I hope [the ring] fits,” the rapper said.