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Romeich Explains Why Live Entertainment Sector Will Curb Crime In Jamaica

Romeich Major

Romeich Major says access to live entertainment can help curb crime in Jamaica.

It has become increasingly hard for citizens of Jamaica to come to grips with the crime pandemic currently raging across the island. Many have blamed decades of political upheaval and lack of proper governance, including education and jobs, for the rise in the crime rate. Rules brought on to curb the spread of Covid-19 have further limited these possibilities.

Ast least one Jamaican citizen is proposing a way for Jamaicans to return to how things were before Covid-19, a move he strongly believes will help to lower crime across the board. Romeich Major has been in the business of entertainment for a number of years. The artiste management arm of his Romeich Entertainment Group boasts a crop of successful entertainers such as Teejay, Shenseea, and Ding Dong. Armed with in-depth knowledge of what it takes for one to move from a life of poverty to one of luxury, Romeich said.

“Yooo uno do mi a favour uno go get uno vaccine nuh cause me want know if and when uno get uno vaccine place ago open up back so please go!!!!!” Major said on Instagram. “Cuss me all uno want but me want curfew drop and we can go back to our entertainment cause like them blind to see them try everything to stop crime and it can’t why?”

“Night life feeds a lot Entertainment feed million,” he continued.

“Uno lock it down so man them extra hungry and have no help and them desperate so all crime ago up!!!! So mister prime minister and mister big man officer man!!!! Uno open back entertainment and me bet you crime drop! Cuss me bash me a my view this and me a run with it.”

Romeich statement
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Romeich Major has been extending his philanthropic arm across the nation since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. He, along with his team, have visited numerous communities in Jamaica in an attempt to bless struggling families with care packages. The movement continues in 2022, with his team’s recent visit to the Windsor Wellness Centre, where they donated wheelchairs.

Following almost two years of continuous lockdowns and no movement days, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, has announced that the country will now rely solely on its citizen getting vaccinated as a method of fighting the varying strains of the deadly coronavirus.