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Doja Cat Fan Arrested At Concert Over Bomb Threats Hoax

Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s concert on Saturday night in Indianapolis came to an abrupt end after an exuberant and selfish fan claimed there was a bomb at the church event.

According to IMPD police, the bewildering incident is still being investigated. “A fan wanted to advance in line so he exercised very poor judgment,” the Indianapolis police deputy chief said.

The concertgoer was arrested by police outside of the free concert. The details which have been released by the police say that the man was outside the concert when he attempted to jump the line and said there was a bomb at the venue.

Confusion immediately ensued, leading to the crowd close to the security line being briefly cleared by police. The police say that an investigation was conducted, and authorities found that the man’s backpack was empty.

Cops say that the incident occurred shortly after the gates opened at 5 p.m., causing entry to the event to be delayed by roughly 20 minutes. Despite this, Doja Cat’s concert continued as scheduled.

“A fan wanted to advance in line so he exercised very poor judgment and told those around him in line he had a bomb in his backpack,” Deputy Chief Joshua Barker said in a statement. “Someone did the right thing and alerted IMPD. The backpack was clean.”

The man had not been identified by police, but he has been taken into custody and arrested in relation to unrelated outstanding warrants, IMPD said. The police also said that the investigation into the bomb threat is “still ongoing.”

The Doja Cat free outdoor Indianapolis concert was held as a first-come, first-serve event for the thousands of her fans as part of Indianapolis’ festivities around the College Football Playoff national championship on Monday.

Doja Cat has not responded to the incident.