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‘BMF’ Star Kash Doll Gave Birth To Baby Boy Kashton Prophet Richardson

Kash Doll BMF

Rappers Kash Doll and Tracy T welcomed their baby boy, Kashton, born on January 6. The couple shared the delightful news with their fans on Instagram.

Kash Doll also shares a photo of the baby wrapped in a gold and white blanket with a little sign that read “Hello World.” “Call me crazy but i think i found the love of my life. (I’ve never felt this way before y’all somebody finally have me wrapped around his finger) Kashton Prophet Richardson has stole my heart,” the first mother gushed.

The BMF star also revealed on the sign welcoming her baby that he was 6.6 oz heavy and 20 inches tall.

Kash Doll had first disclosed that she was having a baby in September when she announced it with a maternity photo shoot.

“The Lord just keep (sic) on blessing me. Look, it’s a baby in there,” she had captioned a series of beautiful photos exposing her pregnant belly.

Later she shared that she was elated to be having a baby boy. “When normally I’ll be sad on 11/4 cause it’s my pops bday, I’m filled with joy,” Kash updated her fans in November. “God and my pops blessed me with a boy,” the celebrity continued. “Imma boy mom. I know my dad [is] gonna [be] in my baby boy in a lot of ways.”

She added, “I’m too trill, y’all,” Kash Doll continued. “The world needed a male version of me! And Tracy but whatever,” the rapper mused. “Instagram, we having a boy.”

The baby’s name has come under criticism by her fans, who called the name Kashton “ghetto.” Kash Doll later responded as she dragged fans.

“It’s giving obsessed, and then going to be mad when I don’t upload him. Kids are off limits.” Adding, “if whatever it is [is] ghetto, so what? I’m ghetto. I’m from the hood. Let me be ghetto in peace!”

While this is Kash Doll’s first child, Tracy T has two daughters and a son, 18.