Cardi B, Cuban Doll Reignite Beef On Twitter Over Offset Cheating In 2018

Cardi Offset Cuban
Cardi B, Offset, Cuban Doll

Cuban Doll tried to get cheeky with Cardi B on Saturday after fans of the Grammy-award-winning rapper called her out for copying one of Cardi’s “Wap” promotional images.

After posting the photo with an entire cheetah print outfit, including the sofa she sits on and the wall panel behinds her having the same cheetah print, fans immediately reshared her image and called her for copying the style of Cardi B.

Cuban Doll, however, responded to Cardi’s fans by denying she was copying Cardi B and proceeded to shade her.

“I could never be inspired by someone I don’t listen to,” she began in a tweet on Twitter. “Simple stop trying to force that on me.”

Fans have compared the two photos side by side, which sees Cardi B in a similar style jumpsuit with her breasts encircled and out of the jumpsuit but her nipples covered.

Cardi B and Cuban Doll are not friends, particularly since the latter was accused in 2018 of being one of a pair of women whom Offset had arranged a threesome with.

The nasty rumor started in late 2018 and led to Cardi B announcing that she and Offset were no longer together. In a Page Six article, Cuban Doll had, however, denied that she had hooked up or that she had even ever spoken to the Migos rapper before.

Cardi B, who caught wind of the comparison of the photos and Cuban Doll’s response that she doesn’t listen to her music, quickly responded to her and even brought receipts.

Offset Cardi B Kulture
Offset, Cardi B, Kulture

“The fact I got dms [of] b***** asking when my tape drops. They be quick to forget but the DMs don’t,” Cardi said on Twitter.

Cuban Doll later responded to Cardi and even shaded her by posting old throwbacks of other rappers, including Beyonce and Cardi’s nemesis Nicki Minaj who is seen wearing a cheetah outfit although it is arguable that of all the photos she posted, the photo with Cardi B was the closest to hers.

“You can’t be mad I said not inspired Df that’s weird!” she said in one tweet and added, “Don’t talk bout nothing from 2017 Df lame as b****.’

Within hours the situation escalated between the two women as Cuban Doll cried out on Twitter that Cardi B was bullying her over clothes.

“Girl Sdfu !!!!! We never had a problem you dry tweeted that sh*t bout me … me & you ain’t been cool Offset was tryna F*** me,” Cuban said in a now-deleted Tweet.

This prompted Cardi to come back with a series of tweets as she accused Cuban of playing the victim and being messy and shady towards her by claiming that Offset had wanted to have sex with her.

“You started this whole sh*t wit those two NOW DELETED tweets being shady about the inspiration and then my husband. Now that I respond I’m wrong?,” Cardi said in one tweet. “It was never about clothes I never shaded you …You put these two tweets up and then deleted them and now you talking about I bullied you ? “ she said in another.

The now-deleted tweets by Cuban were screenshotted and reposted by Cardi B. One of the deleted tweets said, “I pray a man don’t marry me just to cheat on me…that’s next level OD DISRESPECT,” along with the tweet about not listening to Cardi’s music.

Cardi called out Cuban for claiming Offset wanted to have sex with her as she shared a DM screenshot where she denied even knowing Offset.

“You say all this now, but you said something different when I asked you about it directly. Where was this energy then? Don’t play tough now. I see we didn’t leave looking for clout in 2021,” Cardi captioned the DM dating from 2018.

She added, “first you said the girl was no longer ya friend, then it turned to he was F***in her, now it’s he was trying to F*** with you? You can’t even keep up with ya own lies. Show me the receipts. You started this yet asking me what does it prove? Honey you need this moment not me.”

Cardi B also accused Cuban of riding on her coattail for attention for her flopping career.

“This is you as well LIKE I SAID …Don’t try to act victim cause I reply to those deleted tweets you was directing at me.Just tell your label to pay me for the promo,” she captioned a TMZ video in which Cuban Doll had maintained her story that she had no knowledge of or knew about any threesome.

Cardi also apologized to her fans for going off as she defended herself from the snarky insinuations by Cuban in the deleted tweets.

“Deleting those tweets.. it’s bad for business and I’m done helping out the needy.I want to apologize to my fans. I know y’all get upset when I give attention to germs,” the chart-topping rapper said.

Meanwhile, fans also reacted to the back and forth as they judged the photos side by side.

“It looks like Cardi pic though not Yonce or Nickis,” one person said on Instagram.

“But honestly the look is giving more Cardi than who she posted,” another said.

Another added that “it seems like the dolls done lost their marbles,” while one of Cardi B’s fans said Cuban Doll was starting drama with Cardi B because no one knew who she was and she needed “some spotlight time,” which a beef with Cardi would give her.

“@iamcardib just confirmed these hoes be bullies on the tl but cordial in the dms Woozy faceFace with tears of joy,” read a tweet Cardi retweeted to her Twitter feed.