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Jim Jones Says His Mother Showed Him How To French Kiss, Gets Toast On Twitter

Jim Jones

Jim Jones says his mother showed him how to French kiss when he was younger.

While on Angela Yee‘s “Lip Service” podcast, the rapper made the revelation which has left fans online expressing that they are grossed out and shocked at Jones telling that story publicly.

Yee might be having lots of guests talking about sex, but the Breakfast Club Host appeared unprepared for Jones’s disclosure.

The episode, which was published on Thursday, has left not only Yee speechless but fans online who reacted to the video in which Jim Jones says his mother taught him how to “tongue kiss.”

“My mom taught me how to tongue kiss when I was younger,” the rapper says while laughing. Yee asks, “like what’s the instructions?” to which Jones replies, “it wasn’t no instructions she showed me with her mouth,” he said.

A shocked Yee says: “she kissed you?! To which a Jim Jones reacted as if that question was abnormal – “that’s my mother!” he exclaims before going on to say his mother was young when she had him.

“That’s my mother!” he said. “She showed me her tongue-kiss when I was younger. My mom was seventeen [when she had me], she was a baby. Look at all the babies that’s having babies now and look how they act with their babies, it’s like they have a little sister or brother more than they have a child.”

Yee added that her parents only kissed her on the cheek while another female host says “I just stopped kissing my son on the mouth.”

The rapper also said that for his first experience with a girl, he did find tongue-kissing “a little strange”. However, he was not disgusted by his mother tongue-kissing him.

“The first time I tongue-kissed a girl, I was pissed off,” he said. “I didn’t know what the f*ck was going on. I was like twelve, thirteen.”

Meanwhile, fans online have found the recollection by Jim Jones disturbing, to say the least.

One fan said, “So many people were actually abused as children and didn’t realize it. He’s telling this story like it’s nothing when it is.”

Another person speculated on the rapper’s unsuccessful dating life: “That’s why he can’t marry nobody,” while another added, “That’s why he can’t marry Chrissy, he actually married to his mom.”

Jim Jones’s mother, Nancy Jones, 62, has not commented on the revelation by her son. The Dipset rapper is her only child. While the two of them have a good relationship, Nancy and Jim’s partner do not get along, something which fans think might have to do with the kind of mother-son relationship that exists between the Joneses.