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Yasmine Lopez Alleges Kanye West Smash IG Model Michaela Mendez

Kim Kanye Yasmine

It’s 2022 and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian drifts further apart amid new allegations.

Kanye West was seen on Tuesday partying with Justin LaBoy at J Mulan’s birthday party along with two Instagram influencers, including Yasmine Lopez, in Houston. Now, it appears that the women who were hanging out with Kanye are beefing and one of them claims that Kanye has slept with the other.

On Thursday, Yasmine Lopez, who was seen with Kanye West and Michaela Mendez, had a nasty spat after Michaela Mendez accused Yasmine Lopez of sleeping with her boyfriend. Lopez later came back and said that Michaela slept with Kanye West during his recent trip to Houston.

Kanye’s social behavior has been under scrutiny of late as the rapper is not only publicly dealing with his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Kanye has also publicly expressed his desire to work things out with his wife, who has signaled that she is intent on being legally single.

Despite all of that, Kanye West has been out and about, and his latest sighting with the Instagram models set fans talking.

The accusation comes as Kanye retreats to Belize with his friends Shyne and J Prince on his private island.

Mendez has since deleted her account on Instagram after Lopez made the damning accusation. It started with Mendez accusing Lopez of sleeping with her boyfriend.

“I let someone bring me out of character today. I walked in on @theyasminelopez naked on my bed with my man. She’s desperate for attention and not happy with her life. So much betrayal, it’s wicked. I’m hurt beyond words,” Mendez said.

Mendez also threatened to leak the names of men in the entertainment industry that Lopez has slept with.

Lopez later called the accusations “cap” and went on to share that while the news had initially linked her to Kanye, it was Mendez who was involved with the rapper.

“First y’all say I’m fw Kanye now this. The internet is definitely undefeated,” she said before adding, “I wasn’t even gon say nothing but sis you didn’t you go f*** Kanye at the post oak now you crying about a 18 year old little boy talking about that’s your man?”

Lopez continued, “All that Kanye sh*t was NOT me? That’s why sis really mad. She threw that LIL old cat and didn’t get the recognition she wanted. Here you go baby! Pop yo shiii.”

Meanwhile, Mendez claimed that Lopez was “throwing out false narratives” to justify her forcing herself on her boyfriend.

She added, “I have videos of things you don’t want out so be very careful,” she said.

In the meantime, Kanye has not reacted to the rumors.

All of this, in the meantime, will catch the attention of Kim Kardashian, who called out Kanye last week for portraying himself as a husband pining away for his wife in public but in private had a woman living in his Malibu estate the whole time.

Kanye West and the model Vinetria have since split then, and Kardashian has been seen dating Pete Davidson.