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Jayda Cheaves, Lil Baby Spotted On Vacation In The Caribbean With Meek Mill

Lil Baby Jayda Cheaves

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby heading for reconciliation after he copped her a Rolls-Royce and a Caribbean getaway.

Lil Baby continues to spoil the mother of his child, Jayda Cheaves, and they are now sparking reconciliation rumors after being seen together on a Caribbean vacation with fellow rapper Meek Mill and others.

The “Pure Cocaine” rapper went all out for Jayda Cheaves on Christmas Day, gifting her two of her favorite Chanel purses and a brand-new Rolls Royce.

Jayda has shared how unbelievable she felt that her baby daddy gifted her the car. This is not the first time that Baby has spent a bag on a luxury car for her, especially during the holidays.

On Tuesday (December 28), the couple was again spotted together on vacation in St. Barts.

Instagram Stories shared by a picture of the ocean from above, obviously taken from a plane. However, it was a Story that was shared by Meek Mill that caused fans of the influencer and Lil Baby to make a connection.

Meek Mill posted a photo in which Lil Baby is seen flexing as he poses. However, Jayda was not seen in that image, and no image has the pair together per se.

The recent posts have caused fans to speculate that the two are back together. They had broken up earlier in the year, but it appears that Jayda was open to reconciliation.

During an interview on Hollywood Unlocked last week, when asked about possibly getting back with her rapper ex, she did not completely erase the possibility from the future but said that there was a lot of hurt between them.

“It’s just a lot of damage as far as what has been done on social media, so once we can get over that part, I feel like maybe we could rekindle and rebuild another relationship. But as far as right now, it’s so much damage publicly to just put a band-aid over something and say, ‘Ok, let’s just get back together. No.”

The pair had broken up after it was alleged that Lil Baby had cheated on her. They share a 2-year-old son.