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NBA Youngboy Alter Ego Showcases Big Energy In “Emo Rockstar” Visual

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy debuts his alter ego in new video “Emo Rockstar”.

Not playing by anyone else’s rules than his own, NBA YoungBoy dropped a huge musical bomb on Wednesday that has YouTube fans and music critics salivating. The “Black Ball” rapper was not taking any prisoners with his raw and candid lyrics that are basically a middle finger to those who have and continue to judge him and his actions.

Racking up over one million views in just a few hours, his new three-minute track “Emo Rockstar” features a strong rock flavor. He focuses on being misunderstood in an industry in which mediocrity is easily accepted, and standing out makes one a target for ridicule and unfair criticism. In the song, NBA YoungBoy sings about how some people have had issues with almost everything he does once it does not meet their approval. However, he remains resolute and defiant because the last time he checked, he was the rock star making millions and stacking his coins while they were left on the sidelines, closed-minded and bitter.

“I say mamma I’m a rockstar and I don’t care what these people think of me. I say they should just leave me alone, none of their opinions it don’t get to me. Rock piece on my face, I’ve got big, big loads on the way. I got burners up to high needs, I’m gonna take my pay out. Just wanna be freestyling, saying please take these legs out. Mamma I got millions, Imma buy a big house,” NBA YoungBoy raps.

The video credited to ‘FlyGuyNick’ shows him in what appeared to be a garage rehearsal space. NBA YoungBoy is seen holding a guitar and a huge wad of cash while sporting glam-rock type make-up, which is what the latest string of criticism was about. First in green eye and lip make-up and then his signature full black and white facial mask, similar to that worn by a mime, he moved from one instrument in the band to another.

The over 15,000 comments were mainly positive, complimenting his growth. One fan stated, “Great Song. He is so talented and creative. Hope he stays out of trouble and enjoys his children, his art and millions,” while another gushed, “Literally one of the best artists of all time. His work is so amazing compared to the BS other artists make. I’m proud of you Kentrell. Been on you since you were 17. You’ve come a long way and you are not done yet. The journey has just started. You may not understand what you really mean to people in this world, but God made you for a reason. This is your destiny bro. It’s more than music. It’s the impact it plays in people’s daily lives.”