Beenie Man Brought Out StoneBwoy, Samini On Stage In Ghana Ending Their Beef

Beenie Stonebwoy bhim
Beenie Man, Stonebwoy / ROB

StoneBwoy and Samini beef is dead thanks in part to dancehall legend Beenie Man.

It appears that Beenie Man can now check mediator off his bucket list of career options as the dancehall legend reunited two Ghanaian nemeses at the 2021 Bhim Concert on Tuesday. He subsequently ended a year-old feud that had both men at each other’s throats, which had turned once good friends into foes. However, it was all smiles and joy for patrons when the King of Dancehall invited Stonebwoy and Samini to come onto the stage at the Accra International Conference in Ghana’s capital city.

In what now seems inconsequential and petty, the feud was sparked by StoneBwoy’s acceptance of an Asaase Sound Clash lyrical battle with Shatta Wale, who is reportedly Samini’s number one arch-rival. In a series of not-so-nice rants on Twitter, Samini made his disappointed feelings known publicly, and StoneBwoy decided not to be the bigger person and ignored his hurtful comments. Instead, the Afro-pop musician hit back by calling his former friend a “sell-out,” and it was all downhill after that in terms of trading barbs and insults.

Samini, a Ghanaian reggae and dancehall recording artiste, had expressed in a radio interview done earlier this year that he felt blindsided by how StoneBwoy had dismissed what they had built together and that his actions were a slap in the face and a direct violation of their friendship. “If I hear you on the radio saying that I’m not there for you when you needed me, it hurts. It makes me sit and break down. How did I sell out StoneBwoy? If Ghana can answer me. Those were the things that hurt me,” he stated.

Beenie Man Stonebwoy ghana
Beenie Man, Stonebwoy

It seemed to many that the friendship between the men was over. Still, it took an upcoming birthday and the efforts of the dancehall doctor from Jamaica to put in an appearance at the much-publicized concert and write a prescription that called for peace to reign and friendship to be rekindled. The crowd truly appreciated his efforts.

Dressed in all white, like a dove, Beenie Man went into his chart-topper “Rum & Red Bull” and was being his usually energetic and playful self during his set. StoneBwoy then joined him on stage for “Girl Dem Sugar,” with the two were freestyling lyrics and having fun during their set. Then out of seemingly nowhere, StoneBwoy announced that he was wishing his big brother a happy birthday,

“He goes by the name S-A-M-I-N-I! Are you ready for the brother Samini?!” and the crowd erupted in cheers when Samini ran out with his microphone. The two began freestyling on the same “Girl Dem Sugar” rhythm, with Beenie Man surrounding and cheering the long-overdue reunion from the side. The friends then began working the stage as if they had not spent any time apart. Even after Beenie Man’s exit, the collaboration continued with Samini, eventually declaring that it felt good to be back as they finished a twelve-minute set stage together.