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Blac Youngsta Trends After Disrespecting Young Dolph’s Grave In New Video

Blac Youngsta and Young Dolph
Blac Youngsta, Young Dolph

Blac Youngsta trends on Twtter as fans react to his latest music video filmed in a cemetary with a gravesite with Young Dolph’s government name written on it.

The CMG rapper appears to be capitalizing on the negative buzz he is receiving for his diss song for Young Dolph, who was gunned down last month in Memphis. While Blac Youngsta has been criticized for singing a Dolph diss song just days after the rapper was laid to rest, it seems that he has a reply, and it isn’t one that is apologetic.

The singer has released a new song, but this time he appears to have filmed the video at Young Dolph’s gravesite where the singer’s headstone with his family name ‘Thornton’ is prominently shown.

Youngsta has been beefing with Dolph long before his death and was even charged for allegedly shooting up Dolph’s car years ago in a clear murder attempt. Even in death, it seems that the rapper does not intend to honor any street code as he continues to diss Dolph and disrespect his final resting place.

Young Dolph, whose real name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., was killed after being shot multiple times at Makeda’s bakery in Memphis.

However, the rapper, who is hailed as a community-minded individual and loving father and husband, had beef with Yo Gotti and his protégé Blac Youngsta.

The beef nearly turned deadly as men allegedly fired 100 shots at Young Dolph’s car in 2016. Dolph walked away unscathed thanks to his bulletproof truck, but that has not stopped Youngsta from releasing murderous lyrics about killing the rapper and other family members and even threatening to rape his baby mother.

After his death, Youngsta has continued to perform the diss song where he name drops Dolph.

His actions have continued with the new video as he appears to ride on the new fame he is getting from dissing Dolph.

Many gravestones are captured in the video he released, but fans are outraged that Youngsta stops at one in particular, which has Dloph’s last name, a clear jab at the late rapper.

Young Dolph fans online have called out Youngsta for disrespecting the dead rapper. Blac Youngsta, however, released a lengthy response on Monday where he spoke about the beef and being true to himself despite his nemesis’ death.