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Bounty Killer Commends Romeich For Major Christmas Grocery Giveaway

Romeich Shenseea

Romeich Major shared on Friday plans for a massive Christmas treat giveaway for the poor and needy and children as the holidays approach. The treat and give back is part of the efforts of dancehall artiste Ding Dong, DJ Lava, and Romeich.

Romeich announced the charitable move on Thursday. “The giveback starts for the Christmas courtesy of Lava, Ding Dong and Romeich Entertainment. We ago give whole heap a give back courtesy of Romeich Ent too. big up all the ppl we help all the brand dem weh help…giving back to the people of Jamaica the people we love, people we care about and the people we don’t even know.”

The former manager of Shenseea and current manager of Ding Dong said that persons who are seeking assistance should reach out to @romeichworld on Instagram.

Quite a number of Jamaican companies responded to the call for support and have provided quantities of foodstuff and drink.

Among the items that he has received are crackers from Excelsior, snacks from Sunshine snacks, water from Catherine’s peak, toys, as well as foodstuff from Grace which includes corn beef, tinned mackerel, Lucozade, Lasco food drink, along with crackers, and Christmas bun and other baked goods from Purity.

The manager also shared that global giant Nestle supplied cereals, mile, juice, and condensed milk, while Jamaican company Satdeh soup also sent donations.

He also shared a bus full of baked goods supplied by Pilgrim and Honey Bun.

Romeich also shared goods gifted by Bonnicks West Indian grocery in Canada, who supplied cash and goods to assist with the giveback.

Among those who commended Major on his efforts was artiste Konshens.

“Daaaaawg. May God bless u and keep alibe and u cup overflowing.”

Bounty Killer also commended Romeich saying, “Fi wi business the wellbeing of our ppl not their business water mouth bwoy and gyal go be a part of goodness and greatness or shut di pit under unuh nose that’s a major move Mr Major dweet youth kudos to all the donors and persons involved.”