Masicka Rise From Underground To Mainstream Dancehall With “438” His Best Work


Masicka released his long-awaited album, 438, last Friday following months of extensive anticipation from his fans and dancehall enthusiasts. The hype surrounding the project illustrates just how far the artiste has come. From fighting to land a footing in the Dancehall space to becoming one of the most listened and respected entertainers in the music industry, Javaun Fearon has cemented his name firmly as one of the best Dancehall artistes right now.

438, Masicka’s debut album, is a stark reminder of the deejay’s versatility, a trait that has seen him distinguish himself in the industry over the last few years. The project was released by ONErpm and 1SydeRecords and featured producers like Dunw3ll, a long-time collaborator with Masicka.

The album describes a myriad of emotions, such as his rise from abstract poverty, romantic dilemmas, and overcoming major challenges throughout his life. What was most notable about the album’s release, however, was the hold the deejay had on his fans, who for months could be seen visibly, on social media platforms, yearning for the release of the much talked about album.

The deejay’s journey has not been short of hardship. Masicka has often expressed throughout his many hits over the years that he has always had to fight against the odds to prove himself. The difficulty in being a young artiste in the Jamaican music industry that is known to be very vicious was evident as Masicka was first initially labeled as an ‘Iron Balloon,” which is a metaphorical moniker used to describe his inability to ‘buss’ or in other words, become a prominent figure in Dancehall music.


What we have seen since he first stepped onto the scene in 2011 with his then smash hit “Guh Haad and Done” is a steady progression of maturity not only sonically but the way in which he is able to conceptualize his lyrics in a detailed and catchy manner.

This was mostly exemplified by his well-known trilogy Story, where the long-awaited part three of the concept was released on the album to many fans’ euphoric surprise. As the years progressed, Masicka began to find his footing in the industry, releasing hits such as “Karma,” “Loyalty,” “Gifted,” “Top Striker,” and “Chance,” songs would allow him to develop a reputation as one who constantly produced quality, engaging music. Over the last two years, it is fair to say that Masicka has arguably been amongst the top names in dancehall, not just acclaimed locally but garnering massive international recognition as well. Just last year, Masicka was nominated for the Best Male artiste in the International Reggae and World Music Award, a feat he was publicly proud of.

Through his storytelling and poignant punchlines, Masicka has created a niche for himself and has developed a reputation for consistently delivering successful and meaningful songs. His reputation has transformed from a young prodigy who we had hoped to one day fulfill his visible potential to becoming an outright carrier of the dancehall industry, firmly placing himself as one of the mainstays of the nation’s music around the world.

The album is simply just a manifestation of years of hard work from Masicka and a testament to his continuous prophesies that he was always destined for greatness. His crafty lyrics, scripted in a way that provides relatable content for his followers who, by the mere observation of Jamaica’s economic and social issues, have gone through similar struggles as well, provides a sense of hope to listeners who lean on the deejay’s words during times of difficulty.

It is this type of content that has allowed Masicka to formulate a relationship with his ‘genahsyde’ fanbase and has propelled him to become one of the leading voices on Jamaican and international Dancehall airwaves.

Masicka’s 438 album is available on Apple Music and Spotify.