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Summer Walker Goes Scorch Earth On London On Da Track On ‘Still Over It’

Summer Walker

Summer Walker held nothing back on her sophomore album as she went scorched earth on her ex, London On Da Track, and his mother.

The sultry singer has released her long-awaited album Still Over It. As expected, her former boyfriend and father of her child, London on da Track, is getting a beating from the lyrics, which calls him out for his foul deeds towards her. She also calls out his mother for not keeping the producer in line as her need for material benefit trumps her son being a good person.

Several songs on the album takes aim at London on Da Track, including “Ex-for a Reason”, but it is the song “4th Baby Mama” that has fans talking as Summer Walker aimed squarely at not only at her baby father but also his mother.

Ironically, London on da Track has produced more than half of the songs on Walker’s second album. He did not produce the song dissing him and his mother.

However, “4th Baby Mama” is a no holds barred song that calls out London’s mother, who she accuses of enjoying trips and an easy life- bribed by her son to pay a blind eye to his bad ways.

“I wanna start with yo mama, she should’ve whooped yo a*s / Know you ain’t sht, but she don’t care ’cause you lit / Paying for trips cars, bags and bought the crib / But she ain’t never call you out, ’cause she like the way that she live / But that some foul sht, she wasn’t even around when, you ain’t have no money (Money) / That’s why I find it funny (Funny) / I guess that guilt hit hard, being gon? for so long / That’s why she makes excus?s for all your wrongs,” Summer sings.

London and Summer Walker
London and Summer Walker

The song also calls London a liar, cheater, deceiver, and heartbreaker and calls their past relationship fake, all for public attention. Summer Walker also accused the producer of being mean and stingy and not taking her on fancy dates, only showing some interest in her after Drake does a collab with her.

“Damn, I ain’t know ni–as be out here tryna trap b–ches / Never took me nowhere lavish ’till you seen Drake hop on the track with me,” she sings while accusing him of doing it for the Gram.

Summer Walker and London On Da Track, who shares toddler Princess Bubblegum, have been co-parenting, or so it appears on social media. However, Summer says that London left her alone for her entire pregnancy and lied about his whereabouts.

“Telling people, that I’m your queen, but all you mean, is just of R&B / I know you ain’t care, ’cause you always gone / How could you make me spend my whole f—ing pregnancy alone?” Summer sings.

Walker also dissed London on other tracks such as “Bitter”, “You Don’t Know Me”, and “Toxic”. The couple apparently separated sometime in 2020 and appeared to have made up towards the end of her pregnancy, only to split after the birth of their baby girl.

The 20-track album received many reactions from fans of Summer Walker, who flooded social media with commentary as well as London’s comment sections on Instagram as they called him out for hurting the singer.

“Summer Walker ATE London on the track a** UP on 4th Baby Mama”, one Twitter user posted while another said, “Summer Walker Really Came For London MOTHER ?? Bro What Did You Do To Her???!!!!” Another noted, “I’m so sorry London put her through hell but Summer Walker’s pain made this album top tier.”

London on da Track and his mother has not reacted to the album as yet.